Tuesday, April 14, 2009

120409 MANDOM in bukit MANDUM

Salam & welcome to both of you, Zano & Kafi to our cycling clan.
It was a race to Lenggeng. We thought it was problem free until Sharul got a leak - not letting out pee but punctured his tyre 10km from the start. Oh brother, that's the last thing we need. Last week's ride we had to give first aid too the shoe sole & arm sling two bluddy tubes. We were all sweaty & raving to go. Nevah mind. Right aftah Nottingham Broga, the likes of Wari, Ayie Boy, Kafi disappeared like a tailless cockroach. Followed suit & Sham Dewa, Zharin, Sharul, Suhaimi PPZ got left behind.

Somehow Fahmi took a wrong straight & had to backtrack to the Mandum road. His tale here. My mistake - I admit, forgot to wait at junctions as we usually do. The climb up was a bit of a torture. Sped too much earlier - serves me right for following the disco boys.

Whoa! Met Azhar & his Perutkuboroi brother. "We're doin the Kuala Kelawang route today.., come lah join both of us" said Azhar coyly. Aiyo! Gilakah! "...jumlah semua 120km. Lutut rasa macam nak tercabut, longgar abiss... Bukit tinggi abis, pertama tolak (Bkt. Lenggeng) ke2, lulus kayuh sampai top(Bukit Klawang) 6km ade kot... pastu tak ingat dah kebanyakkan bukit tinggi aku tolak pasai lutut aku sakit, krem & macam nak jem..." excerpts from Perutkuboroi's blog.

Yo bro, you're threadin on a thin line man...xtremely dangerous. You don't ride for 6 months & you cycle a straight 120km of dragon back? Gotta be safe than sorry, I'm not gonna risk my life & limb.

Man CIOCC, Wari, Rahimi, Perutkuboroi, Rizal, Ayie Boy, Zack,
Azhar, Zharin, Kafi, Zano & Suhaimi PPZ at Mandum's peak.
Pix courtesy of Perutkuboroi.

"Mandom" means "lembik/lemah/tidak berdaya" = Feeble/Weak.
"Awat hang mandom sangat naik Bukit Mandum ha?" Say it with the typical Nothern slang/lingo for kicks. Translation = Why are you so feeble climbing up Bukit Mandum?

If you're weak "Man", you're heading for the "Doom".

Arrival of the famous Red Chicken Comb, En. Md Nor

Rizal, Md. Nor Balung Ayam Merah, Zano,
Me, Sharul, Wari, Zharin, Ayie Boy, Fahmi, Suhaimi PPZ, Kafi, Sham Dewa, Rahimi

Why, why, why go through the trouble & get slaughtered by the hill? There's nothing to prove eh? Some 30-40-50 something got nothing else to do eh? Better hibernate in the warm bed & stiff up your member? Why are you lacking in moral strength or willpower; yielding easily to temptation, the influence of others, lacking in mental power, or in the ability to think, judge, decide, etc.

C'mon brothers, I'm not here to give you lectures. I'm no private physician of yours. Nothing comes free. My 2 sen worth or probably not even a sen worth. I cry within seeing you people waste, torture & sell your soul to d'devil.

Why throw out a gargantuan whale of a dough out the window, behave insanely & consume the forbidden fruit?

Be real friends. Life is short. I might not see you tomorrow...

Clan of CIOCC