Saturday, April 25, 2009

260409 LEKAS Highway - Mantin - Bukit Puyuh - Lenggeng - Bukit Mandum (Mampos!)

Da Route, sorry it doesn't exist in Google yet.

We will "Ride da wind" on LEKAS to Mantin. 15 km of runaway fit for a mambo-jumbo jet. Old story here.
After the 10 min breather at the Mantin toll booth, we will take off to Bukit Puyoh & stop for a photo op. The 2km of LTDL - Puyoh Hill is peanuts lah. Wait till we approach Bukit Mandum...

If we climb the arduous Mandum Hill, if lah...we will then reverse back to Lenggeng for the famous nasi kukus. The route back to Bangi will be shorter (Goodness). Total ride 75++km.

Click here for the route to Unikeb UKM.
Call me, 019-3851723 if you're lost.


Monday, April 20, 2009

190409 Cranking Hard & Furious

7:50am & not a soul. 8 sharp we 4 fellas might as well go on. By the laksa stall Teras Jernang, Zanudin popped! Long time no see...mana pigi? Apparently 3 of his guys left him wondering alone. Nevah mind bro, join us lah. Right after the turn from Bangi Lama road exiting Dengkil interchange, we could see 3 guys grinning wide, Wak Jali, Rahman & Najib.

Started the ride with a steady note, telling myself that I'm gonna go hi-gear today. I switched to the 53-15 chainring. pressed 30-35 at the long stretch passing by Bukit Unggul Golf Club till the Jenderam junction. Felt really good, so..? Hantamlah...

No doubt it's a slight incline to Jenderam Ulu but what the heck, the momentum was excellent...hmmm...30s here we go again. Not until we passed UniKL that we dropped to a steady 25s. 2km till the peak of Salak Tinggi hill, from the 25s, I got hold of Acap & Hafiz Gecko Man & clung onto them to a freakin' 29.8 till the top.

Wak Jali glued to my back all the way followed by Najib (with his new Scott) & the rest of the clan. Wak Jali - at 51, you're one hellova otai!

Man CIOCC, Hafiz Cicak Man, Acap Boy, Sham Dewa,
Wak Jali, Zanudin, Najib, Rahman, Man CIOCC

Made a U-turn & raced with Sham Dewa back up the hill but this time the incline is damn short, sassy & sharp. The fastest ever climb in the history for Man CIOCC. Look at the vid. Sham tried hard & 5 inches of tongue wagged, Bravo!

The 2 under-aged pitted amongst one another, as always trying to beat the other. Don't you bother, raising his hand like a record holder, Acap is one boy wonder!

On the return leg, we came across Md Nor Red Chicken Comb...rolling along - alone. "I'm going to Bagan Lalang..." Oh yeah? Oh no! Got a sms from him later in the evening that says "...could only manage till Salak too, on the way back, it was hot as hell-fire, the bus stop became my temporary shelter..."

We wonder what happened to the rest of the gang, Zanudin, Wak, Rahman & Najib. Heard they did a reverse of the Labu route & came back half dead...

Me cranked hard too much - me right calf quivering.

Muscle cramps - Forgot to take apple vinegar
Muscle cramps - Cranking too hard & furious
Muscle cramps - Legs not strong
Muscle cramps - Not enough training lah...