Friday, January 16, 2009

160109 Cycle Friday

The preparation & ride.

I cycled to work...on a Friday

Out of the blue, without no reason, the urge was suddenly so great. I mean, I have indulged in so many other weird things but cycling to work is definitely the least of my priorities.

After subuh prayers, had a glass of milo & the 2 slices of bread topped with cheese & strawberry jam was eaten within the first km. What a cold morning, cool but not damp. I was really hoping it didn't rain. It didn't... good for me.

The first few km was a breeze. Kajang town never have been so tranquil.
By 7:15 am the Jalan Cheras highway was still ok, wide road means you'll get all space u want. But u gotta watch out for the junctions as "kopi licence" drivers are the rule of the day. No signal no nothing they'll just barge in & out of to nowhere.

Wham! A bee stung me...but not enough to deter me from continuing my journey. Sorry thing, I had to exterminate it. It got down to my belly. I remembered vividly of a similar incident I went thru 33 years ago. On my way to my aunty's house in Bukit Gelugor for tuition one unfortunate morning, I had a bee stung me right at the pinnacle of speed at a "Gon" (Penang lingo for a steep hill.) This puny bee sank it's barbed & it got lodged at my neck with it's sack full of venom still pumping! My aunt quickly applied vinegar, but the pain was too unbearable. I didn't go to school the next day I think.

Here's the exact location
of the incident when I was 10 (at point B) in Jalan Lembah, Bukit Gelugor , Penang. Later in 1984, my Form 6 classmate who was ridin a scrambler, smashed his legs after kissing a lamp post at the same spot. He celebrated his birthday in GH!

The nostalgic sting route

There are things you could see when you cycle then you're drivin' or cruisin' on a motorbike. It's all chocked up when u approach Plaza Pheonix, Mad jam right after the toll booth. I'm all smiles, except by now I'm gettin' sick by the swarm of motorcycles.

Caught up with Azizan Fixie of Cycle Friday & we had short tour around KLCC.

Had roti telor kuah banjir to eat b4 my journey back to Bandar Baru Bangi. Left Pelita Restaurant by 'bout 6:15pm. Got stuck in Jalan Tun Razak in front of the American embassy. What to do. Ride on the kerb lah! Down south to the Kpg Pandan roundabout & took the ramp towards the ol' F&N factory into Jalan Lok Yew. As Kelolo would say, you'll feel the sense of bravado as you sweep by the jammed up cars. One fellow gave me a funny smirk. By now I was burping from the curries I gobbled earlier.

Zooming past Bt10 & Tun Hussein Onn was fantastic but every time I meet up with a junction, I make sure I'm xtra careful. There aint too many cars turnin' to the left but always look over your shoulder. Never take any chances & assume that the idiots notices you.

The bottom line is - Amber shades is a must (you get to see better, probably for some), blinkers & lights too. Helmet? Don't cycle without it. Aint gonna blab too much, watch the video for the detailed ride.

The route I took to KL

Monday, January 12, 2009

110109 Bt18 Hulu Langat - Perez. Ride On!

Daoh waited for the group at 6am! Then came Topui & Sham Dewatta Kerangga still with his sarong. Berkayuh di mana pakai kain nih? Kang lomah lutuit! Apai appeared off time & Zul Bangsar missed the junction. At bt18 Ulu Langat we saw a big group of cycle maniacs gettin' ready. Mak I, ramai betoi! Nah... group lain nih...
As it turned out, they're waitin' for us. 18 thorns & 3 roses!
We cruised pass Kpg. Sg Lui. Fahmi with Sham Dewatta Kerangga was “cool” with each of them sporting a long sleeve jersey. Bola2Api shivered from the wind and the cool morning air. You can hear birds chirping & their droppings. What a bliss.
Why name it Genting Perez? Real name, Kpg Peras, orang asli village.
Similar torture b4 getting to the top maybe, referring to the scale of difficulty.

We rolled fine for about 10km & as we came to the T junction of Sg Lalang & Perez/Kuala Klawang & Semenyih, Kash's chain got stuck between the cassette & the RD hanger. Got the chain back up but now the bloody wheel won’t set in. Oh ok, look closely…um, now the quick release spring pulak got reversed the other way round. How? Beats me…
While everyone was so sibuk, more of menyibuk looking at Kash’s bike been ruined by Apai, CH “aiyok-ayiok-ayiok!” came crashing into me! I’m not too worried about CH falling, but kissing my new bling-bling wheelset is a no-no.
Perez or Kpg. Peras is different ballgame/cyclegame all together.
For first timers, you'd probably die during the 1st km then if you get to live for another 6km & probably be dead again at the last remaining 1km or so.
Genting Sempah on the other hand aint forgivin'. If u attack early, u die on the spot! Besides the shady route from HOA upwards, you'll get trash strewn quite all over some places. Here its almost as clean as a whistle.

C. Hwa took off early to tackle the hill "...kalau I jalan dulu, I sampai sama lu orang, kalau I stat sama, I mesti belakang punya, kalau I belakang? I balik dulu lah...!" Aiya, like that one ah? CH was grinning ear to ear, his feet shakin'. Not becoz of the slope but shakin for the joy of conquering his nerves and of course the peak. Bro CH, after the 211208 Bgn Lalang ride u said u had enough of look who's smiling?

There were a couple of newbies. Zul Bangsar ridin on a classic Look , Azwari with his new Fuji, new SIDI's, helmet & all. Rais Omar with his modified flat handlebar.

One after another started to drop behind. I was following Faizal Serdang, Zack Graphic, Azwari at first but Fizal was just going too damn fast. He shot off & this 3 stooges were left behind. 4 km towards the end we left Azwari, he went too fast too early. Tried to tag behind Zack but i gave up 1km to the top. At the presumably flat area, we we doing 20++ kph! This time,Suhaimi sporting his trademark goatee made it look easy with a granny. Spinning all the way up.

Some riders went down again to look for Zul bangsar. "...rasa mcm nak patah balik..." he murmured. If not for u guys who came & look for me, I'd probably stop & go home. Zul with his ol' skool "LOOK Bernard Hinault" flanked by Faizal Serdang , Zack Grapix & Khairi Tuareg from Cycling Addicts cajoled him. Thanks guys. From what he told me, the urge of finishing the climb was just too great to be missed. He wanted to prove himself & he did it! Zul...U Got Guts! Sham Dewatta was grinning. I know, u nearly went bonk climbing Genting Sempah the last time.

Rowdy reception greeted Rais & Zul for their never say die attitude. When u say u can, u definately can. Chilaka punya Man CIOCC, senang je cakap..."Nevermind, just ride slow, ride at your own pace. Kalau tak larat turn back. See how far you can go..." (quoted from Kash's blog) He he, they don't know what they got themselves into! Jahatnya aku...

Lucky thing I brought my tripod along. Moment of truth, 21 roadies all smiles.
Kash, I curik my "kepit" pix from your facebook album

As we rolled downhill, we zipped passed bawdy & ugly humongous bugger bikes polluting the landscape with an eardrums breaking 10,000 decibels & releasing Carbon Monoxide? No wonder there's no "cousin" of ours waiting by the trees. At the foot of the hill, we had to stop. Daoh had a flat then out of nowhere Md. Noor Balung Ayam Merah & Zharin appeared. This two otai's rode all the away from Bangi. Sorry mate, we aint gonna wait. See u in Sg Congkak where we met up later after the ride.

From here till Bt18, the speed was menacing. 4-5 fellows were racing amongst one another. We were doing it at a breakneck speed of 40++. I just drafted behind the hell riders most of the time...he he. Saya otai baru belajor, kalu slow tolong lajukan!

Now CH pulak got a leak, waited again. En route to Pangsun, CH leak spread into an explosion, so we decided to turn back to Sg. Congkak. Three mommies were complaining about their rumbling tummies already.

It was total mayhem in Sg. Congkak as riders were jostling for the last few packets of nasi lemak. No no, not to worry says pakchik, ada banyak lagi dalam periuk.
I noticed the triathletes - Nurina, Aini, Kash & Hubby Rais Omar were whacking the ikan keli & pucuk paku (Catfish & nail shoots) masak lomak ciwi api . Ponyalah sodap, mak mertua lalu pun tak nampak! To know the difference between an ikan keli & ikan semilang go here.

Sorry Topui, we didn't get to go for the cool dip. We'll start from Sg. Congkak next time.
I know, I know, I'm craving for that too...

We bid "Adieu". Till the next ride humans.


3 pcs white bread-210 kcal + 1 slices cheese-110 kcal + 1 chicken slice-50 kcal + 1 cup MILO-200 kcal
Calories intake, Breakfast = 570 kcal
Calories Burned = 1375 kcal
Average Heartbeat = 145 BPM

*Damn & double damn, forgot about my daughter's plink-plonk piano class at 2pm...