Tuesday, December 30, 2008

281208 Unikeb UKM to Lenggeng - The Ride

Syafiq, Hafiz Skinhead & Nasrun

"Uncle Man, kami lambat lah...tayar pancit..."
Oh no not again. 7:20 am & not a bloody soul. Amin just trailed behind.
Just woke up & stoned.

"I'm feeling sick, might not be riding today...sorry Bg. Man...3 minutes later another sms..."I want to sweat it out, might feel better after that" Apai...
Then out of nowhere appeared Fahmi, apparently "...gatal punya pasal la katakan,"
He's not riding. The itch is just too great to be missed!
7:40 am another puncture!!! $%&#@* Apai was starting to burn up his calories already. Pump & the tire keeps letting out air... $%&#@* again! 8:20 am already & finally we moved!

Took the 4 of us, Apai, Acap, Amin Superstar & me 15 min of hard riding to reach Semenyih. What do you expect when the leader was Amin the Superstar boy.
We didn't want Hafiz & the MTBs to wait too long so we decided to backtrack into Tmn University - Bangi Golf Club - Kajang Mewah.

As usual there's a pack of wild K9 waiting to pounce on us near the Bangi Golf Club. These K9 seems to know where to wait & we always seem to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. But I was rather amazed today...they didn't bother us one bit...only bobbling their heads & raising their ears to our rattling chains & derailleurs
Probably they're thinking..."what do we dogs get for chasing & barking aimlessly at odd looking two legged animals wearing tortoise shells on their heads on 2 big circles..." I know for sure, they just like to get the kick of it & laugh silly at us afterwards. "Dumb humans...we like to scare the s*** out of you!"

Lemme tell u people out there something, cycling is like a drug. When you don't ride, you'll feel so weak & helpless like a father to be, waiting beside your wife who's in labor. Scientist say, really? Well, I read it somewhere, our body releases this "drug" called Endorphin (sounds like heroin/morphine to me. It is a morphine like substance originating from within the body. Not to be confused with Mighty Morphing Power Ranges) that will give u the "kick" during an strenuous workout.

There are a clan of homo sapiens who eats K9 as their staple diet. Put the K9 in a sack, bet them up till pulp & they say it taste better that way. The K9 releases endorphins, which is good for one's body. You dogs better watch out! I too know some friends who will turn you into edible sate "Lidah Goyang"...yuck! Then you'll be the one running away from us!

Overcast by Sirus clouds we rendezvous with the rest of the MTBs at the junction of Semenyih - Broga, right here waiting was Hafiz the Cicakman, also his so called twin Hafiz Skinhead (Frizzy hair), Syafiq & Nasrun (a newbe) Salam, salam, salam & off we go. I was yawning...mak oi slow sangat, but right after the Nottingham University I enticed the riders to go faster by taking out my camera. Nak glamer punya pasal, pakai tayar gedabak king-kong pun dah mula laju.

Dengan semangat jitunye, Nasrun with his track bottom & sports shoes were now burning up the new tarred road. Not wanting him to stay behind, we encouraged him to maintain the speed. Boleh tahan jugak newbe ni.
Hafiz Skinhead & Syafiq does off-road sometimes so there's not a problem for them. As we're chugging along Kpg Ulu Beranang we were greeted yet again with another pack of K9. This time , bloody hell they gave us our tar worth of road! Watch the video where we got chased, Syafiq standing & sprinting. I was too busy filming in front. 5 kilos to Lenggeng we roadies left the MTB's to their own devices (Pet Shop Boys) to scout for the new nasi kukus stall. Took the right turning heading Kpg Dacing, 1 km into the road kind off eerie. Old depliated huts ada lah, no nasi kukus stall.
Half heartedly as we went over to the regular nasi kukus stall in town, then came along the MTBs. Damn & double damn, no more nasi kukus! We came all the way, takbole jadi ni.
Had a cuppa drinks & Hafiz beamingly..."Uncle Man, ada kedai barulah depan skit je...!
Gulped the last few ounces of the liquid Milo & yo ho here we come nasik kukus.

Tucked slightly on the left, after the corner of N34 entering lest to N30 to Kpg Katup lies the stall. The menu with a slight twist. Variations are the regular nasi kukus ikan semilang (ikan keli), ikan bilis & ikan semilang masak lomak cili api. Wow! I dunno about the rest but I gobbled up 2 packs! As the rest of the gang are busy fattening their bellies, I came across a senior by his bike, he seems to be too old to roll on is old trusty or Old Rusty if I may put it. But what really
intrigues me is his spirit to push eventhough it's hard enough for him to ride it.
We nowadays, give up too easily...

We rode back slightly further thru Kpg. Rawa & Kpg. Sungai Gunung Macang Hilir exiting in Kpg. Sungai Jai & back on the Semenyih main road. Took the regular Jln .Kpg. Enam Kaki. Right after Kpg. Kuala Pajam, out of the blue Hafiz Skinhead flipped his front wheel & landed on his knee. The ball like reflector in the middle of the road takes the blame. Some minor lacerations on the knee & shoulder. The bike's ok, pity the jersey, it belongs to Hafiz Cicakman.

Passing the graveyard, council's trashyard & under the new Kajang-Kuala Pilah highway we eventually arrived in Bangi Lama. With Acap leading, Amin, Apai & me went racing to our last pit stop. At the corner of MINT we sprinted to the top of the hill as usual near Teras Jernang. I thought that we have had enough for the day, Amin pushed me to the brink of exhaustion 3 km from Unikeb. Could only keep pace fro 2 & a half km. Amin was sniggering at my bloodless pale looking face. I pushed really hard, heart rate was at a high 188! Gilo ko? Circled a few laps around Unikeb to warm down.

10-15 mins later the MTB's arrive. Nasrun was beaming with pride...
73 km is a BIG achievement for him!

*Note - Ikan Semilang (Salt water Catfish), Ikan Keli (Fresh water Catfish
Some call it Semilang Darat
(Fresh water Catfish literally means Land Catfish).
- has been around for 150 million years.
Clarias: From the Greek chlaros, meaning lively; in reference to the ability of the fish to live for long periods out of water. Surf Planet Catfish.
Some places in Selangor, N.9 & Melaka they call it Ikan Keli as Ikan Semilang, whereas in the Northen states Ikan Semilang only lives in the sea.
Uncanny resemblence, but it's clear characteristics can be differentiated by it's tail.
Taste? Somewhat similar, depending on what it eats!

Keli's tail

Semilang's tail

ETD: 8:20am Unikeb UKM - ETA: 9:40am Lenggeng = 1hr 20 min
Rest 1 hour
ETD: 11:00am Lenggeng - ETA: 12:20pm Unikeb UKM = 1hr 20 min
3 pcs white bread-210 kcal + 2 slices cheese-210 kcal + 1 cup MILO-200 kcal
2 cup MILO-400 kcal + nasi kukus 2 packs-500 kcal
Calories intake, Breakfast & Rest area = 1520 kcal
Calories Burned = 3061 kcal
Average Heartbeat = 154 BPM

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

281208 Unikeb UKM to Lenggeng. Again?! Different route lah...aiya kecoh...

After the sumptuous nasik ayam Kak Lina in Seghomban,
me took me family 2 c d waterfall in Mantin.

Yeah... d waterfall that we "posing mcm bagus je"

& near the small waterfall that Hwa mimicked.

"Wah...papa kayuh sini eh? Cantiknye" said my daughter.
Now my youngest son, Aidiel Zain (2) wants to go for a dip pulak.
Me then drove the route we rode to Lenggeng.

If it's not for the nasik ayam, I'd probably stop for the nasik kukus again.

Memang pembela hantu raya. Buruk lantak betul...
Lucky 4 me, my metabolic rate is extremely high. 100km,
over 3500 calories burned!

I could still wear shirts & pants tailored 10 years ago.

Jerseys 23 years go pun bulih pakai bro...he ...he...he

Sikit sendat ada lah.

Azhar Semenyih (Rider biskut/sekejap ada sekejap takde),

told me a few days prior to our ride that the coast is smooth & clear,
from Semenyih to Broga passing by Nottingham University,
dah "Cantik-Melentik" yaaa...betul...

Here's the shots to prove u humans.

So riders, no excuses this time. 70km je.

Pada yang dah terbakor 100km last week, this is nothing.

Apperantly there's another ol' skool nasik kukus stall.

We go search for it!

On yer mark, Steady, Ready to makan...

Eh eh... sorry, er...Ready to roll!

Nyek! Nyek!

Cycling Directions

A -
Start at: Unikeb UKM, Jalan Bangi
ETD: 7:30 am

1. Head southwest on Jalan Bangi toward Jalan Tun Ismail Ali - 2.5 km
2. Continue on B17 - 2.6 km

3. Continue on B18 - 12.5 km

4. Turn left at Jalan Bangi - 0.5 km

5. Turn right at Jalan Semenyih - 0.4 km

6. Turn left at B34 - 9.2 km
7. Continue on N34 - 6.9 km

8. Turn left to stay on N34 - 0.6 km

- Arrive at: Lenggeng, Negeri Sembilan Malaysia
ETA: 9:00 am
REST 1 hour
ETD: 10:00 am

9. Head southeast on N34 - 4.3 km

10. Turn right at N30 - 5.7 km

11. Turn left to stay on N30 - 1.8 km
12. Continue on Jalan Sungai Jai - 1.4 km

13. Turn left to stay on Jalan Sungai Jai - 0.2 km

14. Turn left at Jalan Semenyih - 1.1 km

15. Turn right at Jalan Enam Kaki - 3.4 km

16. Continue on B24 - 6.6 km

17. Turn left at B18 - 1.6 km
18. Turn left to stay on B18 - 2.2 km

19. Turn left to stay on B18 - 2.0 km

20. Continue on B17 - 4.7 km

C - Arrive at: Unikeb UKM, Jalan Bangi
ETA: 12:00 noon

How to get to Unikeb UKM? Read ol' post lah...aiya
Man CIOCC 019-385 1723

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

211208 Unikeb UKM - Bagan Lalang, The Ride

...bird is singing in the (hot) summer sky,
then (never) came the rain, once again...
a tear fell from a mother's eye...
"Blasphemous Rumors - Depeche Mode"

Fahmi "Hwa belom mari lagi?"
7:35 am & still we're looking at each others faces.
Nobody said nothing, so I said " We'd wait for Hwa"

I gazed to the oblivion,
Hot it was, at this juncture I was having 2nd thoughts
about the distance. Oh man, kalau tak tahan camna heh?
Zamroni insisted that we go ahead as planned.
Oh boy...someone gonna regret it...

Off we go at 8:00am, without anyone's knowledge
how unsure I was of the road ahead of us.
To say that we went off with a slow start is an understatement.
We were actually flying!

Hafiz started the wheel rolling with him leading
the pack with a good 5km. Sham Dewa poking him from the back
& overtaken by Acap the fast boy, with the sun casting a long & hard shadow.
More like we sort of breezed thru the first 15 km without much of a problem.
The pace was now somewhere between 25kph-29kph...not bad.

We race & pace each other, many time changing the lead.
Rhythmic endemic like a Kraftwerk's song -
"Etape" from their album TDF soundtrack.

True enough after the 4 km mark, right after the turning into the road that leads
to Dengkil from Jalan Bangi Lama, we were pushing a steady 30kph on the
s area until u come to the junction of Sg. Buah.

Sham Dewa seemed to be a cycle of trance. This bubbly ol fella,
2nd time time to Bagan Lalang, was full of vigour.

Upon turning into Jenderam with a slight incline we were still rolling at 25kph.
From here its' a slight uphill but manageable.
The last 2 km upon reaching De Palma Hotel,
Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi was challenging for a newbe.
The trick is never whack too early! As always,
for my 1st km I just maintained my velocity at 23kph
& slowly increasing the momentum
to a crunching 29kph at the last half a km.

Huh...I could barely 18kph here, 2 years ago.

Then it's whooshing time, downhill. Open up your wings & fly.
Plonk. to a cross junction which can lead u to KLIA.

Pekan Salak comes next, where u can catch a glimpse of
"minah2 kilang" lazing by the bus stop.
The road was chocked to the brim,
apparently the price goods in Salak is cheap.
We had to do some negotiating here,
not haggling over provisions but through a maze of cars,
missing my helmet by a mere 2 inches was a parked lorry,
its protruding rear nearly cost me my ear.

The terrain from here right up to Sg. Pelek is a mix of light, tight but alright.
2km into this small town, Zamroni lake a snap of a finger started attacking.
Boy, we still got a long way to go man, Cikgu Hisham decided to follow suit.
The dead cow by the road wanted me to stop & take it's pix but sorry mate,
you remain dead, I'll be back to catch u later. (Which me & Fahmi come to regret later)

12 km to Bagan Lalang is rather like an runaway, flat as a mat.
Wish some of our stomach is like that but someone's complaining the distance already
" Bila mau sampai ah?.." I just buat dunno.
A sense of accomplishment was in the air as we got fanatical cheers & screams from
"cyclenatics" girls in cars. Wah...got fan mah...

We conquered Sepang Goldcoast! Amin wallop a plateful of rice,
Hwa apparently didn't have any breakfast, no wonder the grimacing face.
4 cans of 100 plus, a plate of nasi lemak, a set of bread & eggs & half a plate of
fried noodles, half-half with Azman. U bela hantu raya ka!!??

An hour we "lepak", soaking the blissful view of Bagan Lalang beach,
plus young chicks across the other table. Posed again for another parting shot.

As we pushed beyond Bagan Lalang, the dead cow was never to be seen again.
(No 2nd thoughts pliz, next time stop & take a pix)
Didn't see no vultures around (not the tow truck operators lah)
Probably a tommy cat took it back for dinner. No point pondering over the dead cow.

35 more km, Hwa scared the s*** out of me. Crashed in my rear wheel!
Hope my wheels not bengkok, lucky for me, he cracked his outer shell...his helmet only.
Amin & Acap was right behind us & we trailed him all the way till De Palma, Salak Tinggi.
Despite the killer steep slope, he still manages to reach the top without a stop!
From there Azam, Fahmi & Hafiz was waiting,
so I let go of Hwa & sped down with Hafiz.
The others were nowhere to be seen. Amin & Cikgu Hisham gotta work at 3pm.

As Hafiz & me sped to a menacing 35kph we caught up with Azam who
made a remark about the excruciating heat, yeah...my collar is all red too.
Met up with Zamroni on the stretch until Hafiz wanted to pee.
I was left alone to pick up the pieces.
Past MINT & no one to do sprint I caught up with Cikgu Hisham all alone near Teras Jernang. Apperently Sham Dewa had to stop at the banana shop by the goat farm for a cuppa.

Hwa's legs were twitching, he's telling me he's never gonna do the 100 miler again.
That nite it self, "Shioklah!, 1st time saya buat 100km, saat-saat yang membanggakan!"
Sham Dewa "Takdo kojo, chagi kojo!"
Azam "Mission accomplished, first 100 km in the bag!"
Cikgu Hisham "This time, bukit De Palma saya tak tolak, Yahoo!"
Whatdidya tell u people, yes We Can. Of course We Can!

Thank you all
Amin Superstar, Boy Acap, Azam, Boy Hafiz, Cikgu Hisham, Zamroni
Isham Dewa, Mr Hwa & Fahmi
for the torturous 100km.
Go here for a different view from the canoe...

Moral of this ride "If it's beyond 7:30 am, say no to Bagan Lalang" enough said.

ETD: 8:00am Unikeb UKM - ETA: 9:45am Bagan Lalang = 1hr 45 min
Rest 1 hour
ETD: 10:45am Bagan Lalang - ETA: 12:45pm Unikeb UKM = 2 hrs
3 pcs oatmeal bread-210 kcal + 2 slices cheese-210 kcal + 1 cup MILO-200 kcal + 1 banana-72 kcal
2 slices white bread-130 kcal + 2 eggs-130 kcal + 1 cup MILO-200 kcal + 1/2 plate meehoon-85 kcal
Calories intake, Breakfast & Rest area = 1336 kcal
Calories Burned = 3703 kcal
Average Heartbeat = 154 BPM

How to get to Unikeb UKM Bangi From KL
Take the Sg Besi toll, exit Bangi.
After toll booth you'll c a roundabout, straight ahead 12 o' clock,

again another roundabout turn 3 o' clock Straight 1km there's a traffic lights
(You'll c the UKM entrance, DO NOT enter) - turn RIGHT instead.
Go ahead about 800 meters;
you'll c UNIKEB on yr left.
Park beside CIMB Bank under the shady trees.
(Believe me, you will not be sorry) No dough?

There's BSN, Mumallat & Bank Rakyat too. Abundant parking lots.
Toilets for free but you gotta bring yr own dailies.
B there by 7:00 am lah.
Gotta start early.
At least 7:30 am must roll-out.

Total about 100 km

Monday, December 22, 2008

201208 Brunch - Nasik Ayam Kak Lina, Seghomban, N9

I like Chinese style chicken rice.
U know the kind where they steamed & roast them soft?
Plus point, they're HALAL, the chef was a cook in a Chinese restaurant...people say
Today I must "cekik" lotta carb, 2 moro I'll be ridin a 100 kilos...

Grumbling at the jammed road & one rumbling stomach.
What is it with everybody? Can't the roads be clear on Saturday?
I wanna take my family to Seremban & gobble-up some famous chicken rice.

C'mon kids & momma, I can smell the roasted & steamed chicken waitin for us.
"Takyah smart2lah" I told my really vain 2nd son.
My "tulang rusuk" said we better use the KL-S'ban highway, it's faster.

That we did, but huh! lotta vehicles.
Then we have some entourage with an outrider wanting us to pull aside.
Ala bro, keta banyak, jalan lah, memekak je.
I just dunno whats up with these folks, we pay road tax & income tax la.

45 mins we're in Taman Bukit Ampangan, someone defaced the "Taman".
M'sians at the best! No joke, we're really good at doing that.
Kalu kasi pelingkup harta awam memang no. 1 !

Regardless of the signage, I can drive to this warung with my eyes closed.
Like a K9 sniffer, the scent of chicken roasting can lead me to the treasure...

Less than 5 min our order came, a huge plateful of roasted & steamed chicken,
"wetty-salty" kicap poured all over the flesh.
Like a school of piranha, the whole thing got devoured in 20 min!
Kerabu beansprouts, chili sauce made me order another round of rice.
As my eldest son Arief Zain, ended up finishing the remnants... as usual.
Kids at these ages, eats like a horse...

I come to notice a notice that Mr. Lan Ajaib the "tauke" put up lots of notices.
One in particular, "You'll see no flies on my chicken, for the secret , see me..."
Very2 true. I'm really surprised!

So if u wanna bring your family over to this sedap place, see the map.
*Dont forget to check-out the "chun waitress" there, that's a bonus.

Driving directions 1:
Seremban Toll - Tmn Bukit Ampangan/Tmn Bukit Margosa
Driving directions 2: Senawang Toll - Tmn Bukit Ampangan/Tmn Bukit Margosa

Start address: Seremban Toll
End address: Tmn Bukit Ampangan/Tmn Bukit Margosa

1. Exit S'ban Toll, Head northeast on Jalan SG Ujong toward Jalan Labu - 2.8 km
2. Slight left at Jalan Dato BDR Tunggal - 0.4 km
3. Turn right at Jalan Tunku Hassan - 0.6 km

4. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit - 0.3 km

5. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Jalan Tuan HJ Said - 0.9 km

6. Turn right at Jalan Dato Siamang Gagap - 0.7 km

7. Slight left onto the ramp to Jalan Ampangan - 18 m

8. Turn left at Jalan Ampangan - 0.9 km

9. Continue on Jalan Kuala Pilah - 1.9 km
Arrive at: Jalan Kuala Pilah
10. Head southeast on Jalan Kuala Pilah toward Jalan Paroi - Senawang - 1.8 km

11. Turn left at Persiaran Cengal - 77 m
(Tmn Bukit Ampangan/Tmn Bukit Margosa)


Start address: Senawang Toll

End address: Tmn Bukit Ampangan/Tmn Bukit Margosa

Lebuhraya Utara - Selatan
1. Head east on Lebuhraya Utara - Selatan 220 m
2. Take the exit 750 m
3. Continue straight 500 m
4. Continue straight onto Jalan Senawang 600 m
5. Jalan Senawang turns slightly left and becomes Persiaran Senawang 1 3.1 km
6. Head east on Persiaran Senawang 1 toward Jalan Sri Pagi 7 1.0 km
7. Continue onto Jalan Senawang 1.5 km
8. Slight left to merge onto Jalan Kuala Pilah 650 m
9. Turn right at Persiaran Cengal 77 m