Tuesday, June 23, 2009

220609 Lazy Lenggeng

Big ones, round ones & fat ones too,
Itty bitty teeny ones just won't do.

34C isn't good enough for me,
I need to have at least a D.
Big ones, round ones & firm ones too,
I'd like to see the ones on you!

Pak Aji oso join one...

me, Md. Noor, Zharin, Suhaimi PPZ, Rizal, Wari & me

Why u so bangsat?
Emergency stop juz to eat langsat,
This fruit so muda, rasa manyak kelat,
Your belly so big, can see your pusat.


Why lazy ah? B'coz we ride & makan-makan only. Tell stoly oso lazy...
We so "Mandom" today so no climb Bukit Mandum.

Lenggeng got lots to offer...read my "Grandchokkong" tale

"Grandchokkong" = Penang term for something jurassic/old/dated/ancient.