Friday, December 12, 2008

Welcome 2 my pleasure dome...

I must confess that when I bought my Italian CIOCC road & track bike eons ago, an Italian journalist for an Italian cycling magazine said that the word CIOCC in the Italian language makes no sense whatever, so I asked this guy, who spoke almost no English, if he knew the origin of the name of my fine bicycle.

In Italian phonetics this would be pronounced somewhat like the English word "joke"

Elsewhere, reversing the sounds of "coach" to "choke" is a popular suggestion or "Chowch!" like whatdidya eat fer dinner mixed with "Ouch!"

Of course, around M'sia, brudder, people say, "CHIOK" merely confusing it with a "haram" to eat animal, the big fat PIG.

Never the less, I believe it derives from "ciuccio"; Neapolitan slang for donkey, or in this case, more likely >> "jackass".

It can also mean "beast of burden" ie: ox, bullock, cow & on & on & on...

(further euphemised to "joker" for retelling the corporate history of CIOCC).

Cursing someone with this term is acceptable.

That's the original meaning, but as applied to people, it has a much broader use whose meaning is almost entirely contextual. It can be function as a term of endearment (my wife's friend's mother in law from Naples (she rides a Vespa), has called the guys this many times) or as mildly disparaging (she couldn't have intended to say something mean about *guys*, could she?). Usage spans such situations as: "Oh you little chooch, you got curries spilled on the new tablecloth." "What a chooch! or "Hoi, that "chooch" of a waiter short-changed me." It seems to refer to lack of cleverness (Tiga suku), but just as easily can apply to a someone with low mentality. I assume that's what "CIOCC" means to convey.

Well, I know its rather confusing but It's meant to confuse you.

Don’t ponder over it too much...


Selamat Datang, Welcome, Velkommen

Oh my... after all these years, finally I'm blogging.

Beware my friends, is the dark side of me.

Man CIOCC is Half Human Half Man - Dr Hyde Mr Jekyll

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!


zackgrafik said...

Ko tau x sape yg mula2 panggil ko man ciocc? aku rasa aku la man.. masa mula2 kita jumpa kat putrajaya JK nite ride.. masa tu ko pakai beskal ciocc kuning tu la.. yang ade lampu kat spoke tu..

Xtau la pulak kot2 ade kaum yg lebih dulu panggil ko man ciocc sebelum tu.. hehe


Man CIOCC said...

Sodap & tepat nama tu.

Aku tabik spring kat kau 3 kali!
Boing! Boing! Boing!

Bila keadaan ekonomi tak melechet, kan ku pakai kembali CIOCC...