Monday, April 20, 2009

190409 Cranking Hard & Furious

7:50am & not a soul. 8 sharp we 4 fellas might as well go on. By the laksa stall Teras Jernang, Zanudin popped! Long time no see...mana pigi? Apparently 3 of his guys left him wondering alone. Nevah mind bro, join us lah. Right after the turn from Bangi Lama road exiting Dengkil interchange, we could see 3 guys grinning wide, Wak Jali, Rahman & Najib.

Started the ride with a steady note, telling myself that I'm gonna go hi-gear today. I switched to the 53-15 chainring. pressed 30-35 at the long stretch passing by Bukit Unggul Golf Club till the Jenderam junction. Felt really good, so..? Hantamlah...

No doubt it's a slight incline to Jenderam Ulu but what the heck, the momentum was excellent...hmmm...30s here we go again. Not until we passed UniKL that we dropped to a steady 25s. 2km till the peak of Salak Tinggi hill, from the 25s, I got hold of Acap & Hafiz Gecko Man & clung onto them to a freakin' 29.8 till the top.

Wak Jali glued to my back all the way followed by Najib (with his new Scott) & the rest of the clan. Wak Jali - at 51, you're one hellova otai!

Man CIOCC, Hafiz Cicak Man, Acap Boy, Sham Dewa,
Wak Jali, Zanudin, Najib, Rahman, Man CIOCC

Made a U-turn & raced with Sham Dewa back up the hill but this time the incline is damn short, sassy & sharp. The fastest ever climb in the history for Man CIOCC. Look at the vid. Sham tried hard & 5 inches of tongue wagged, Bravo!

The 2 under-aged pitted amongst one another, as always trying to beat the other. Don't you bother, raising his hand like a record holder, Acap is one boy wonder!

On the return leg, we came across Md Nor Red Chicken Comb...rolling along - alone. "I'm going to Bagan Lalang..." Oh yeah? Oh no! Got a sms from him later in the evening that says "...could only manage till Salak too, on the way back, it was hot as hell-fire, the bus stop became my temporary shelter..."

We wonder what happened to the rest of the gang, Zanudin, Wak, Rahman & Najib. Heard they did a reverse of the Labu route & came back half dead...

Me cranked hard too much - me right calf quivering.

Muscle cramps - Forgot to take apple vinegar
Muscle cramps - Cranking too hard & furious
Muscle cramps - Legs not strong
Muscle cramps - Not enough training lah...

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bola2api said...

Aku taknak aa baca blog kau lg.. Sakit hati jer takleh join.. ADAAAAA JE HAL..

Takpe, nanti for century ride, kita training sama2, nak?