Monday, July 6, 2009

050709 no Bijan, juz Kpg Jijan

What is Bijan? Bijan is also called Lenga. Minyak Lenga/Bijan = Teel oil/Sesame oil/Gingili oil is used to keep one's hair black, dark & shiny with a pungent smell! Minyak bijan a day keeps the grey hair away!

Anyway the ride has go nothing to do with Bijan/Lenga, hairgrowth or what so ever. Not even Sesame Street ok?!!! It's just that Bijan & Jijan rhymes.

Ride to Jijan with hair oil full of Bijan,
Got a cold while riding coz kena da hujan,
Ohhh! Look at the riders buldge said the Bohjan,
We strong bike fellows are the love of Mak Jan...

We got lazy we juz took a slow ride to Salak & had breakfast in Kampong Jijan, off Jalan Pekan Salak. We were too busy admiring Sham Dewa's new ride. An Italiano Fondriest half carb. Too bad it wasn't my size...

Then again, it's not about what bike you ride, it's about what rider you are.

En route to Salak, we stopped for a pix shoot & bumped into an old Peugeot bike. Ol skool stuff...

Fooled you, Ha ha ha! Peugeot all right.

Sham Dewa, Suhaimi, Syarul Hulk, Zharin, Zanudin, Wak jali, Rahman, me & my twin.

Another 10 km to go, out of the bushes, along came a rider pedallin' a fairly odd bike. We were cranking at 25kph & this dude tailed us for a kilo, for kicks I think. We didn't dare to chase him away...he was carrying an AXE. A real AXE, not the kind of axe musicians use to create a wailing sound that can break your eardrums you clod. "Kapak" lah not Guitar.

Axe = Chop trees down = No more oxygen = Green house effect = Hole in the ozone layer = Calamity = Human cease to exist = End of the world. Understand?!

Watch da vid below.


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