Tuesday, October 13, 2009

111009 Cyc Unikeb - Salak Town

Wak Jali brought his baby,
Smirking like a vampire with a glee,
Of couse a father would be,

He was asked to lead the pack,
Oh boy what the bloody heck,
I'll give your pretty cheeks a peck,

Don't mean to be so crude,
He's so shy he's kinda mute,
Just a baby boy & aint no brute,

Then came along Rahman's son Izat,
Whoa the boy rode like a blizzard,
Spellbinding everyone young wizard,

Where as Hulk turned green,
Not that this bugger is really mean,
His belly got stuffed of "Dhall" beans,
Zano definately had to intervene,
Cikgi Hisyam was quirky up to his spleen,
Zul snorted till the bones gone clean.

I'm in my usual drone,
No point for me to moan,
I've done enuff since havin a clone.

me, Rahman, Syarul Hulk, Zano, Wak Jali & Baby Faizol, Izat, cikgu Hisyam, Zul, me twin


bola2api said...

oh tidak.. aku dah sama besar mcm sharul hulk!!!

hehehe jgn marah bai

zul said...

ayoyo, aku punya perut sudah ada bump la, nie gara2 lemang,ketupat,rendang dan mcm2 lagi aku lantak semasa raya. hehehe

h2obugscene said...

mantap la wak jali's baby...support cycling activity!!!pict terbaekkk.!