Wednesday, November 11, 2009

081109 Loop de Loop

Unikeb - Salak - LBJ - Kpg Jijan

Oh my friend I'm so sorry for you,
Angry he was he nearly turned blue,
Coz a "Maling" has stolen his shoe,
Damn you maling, you lousy idiot,
Son of a gun, you bloody bastard,
Big wide hole down my pocket,
Lotta my monies got invested.

me twin, Rizal, Suhaimi PPZ, Azam,
Zharin, Syed, Wak's Baby, Wak Jali & me
Syed was surprised to see me but I was bewildered. Seen me before? Really? Can't recall. Maybe he met my other brother - my twin...

Cycling Directions Unikeb-Salak-LBJ-Jijan 62km

1 comment:

Shookcree said...

You all hebat la Abg Man..

Tapi kena buat usaha dakwah sikit le.. Aurat kena jaga..