Friday, January 16, 2009

160109 Cycle Friday

The preparation & ride.

I cycled to work...on a Friday

Out of the blue, without no reason, the urge was suddenly so great. I mean, I have indulged in so many other weird things but cycling to work is definitely the least of my priorities.

After subuh prayers, had a glass of milo & the 2 slices of bread topped with cheese & strawberry jam was eaten within the first km. What a cold morning, cool but not damp. I was really hoping it didn't rain. It didn't... good for me.

The first few km was a breeze. Kajang town never have been so tranquil.
By 7:15 am the Jalan Cheras highway was still ok, wide road means you'll get all space u want. But u gotta watch out for the junctions as "kopi licence" drivers are the rule of the day. No signal no nothing they'll just barge in & out of to nowhere.

Wham! A bee stung me...but not enough to deter me from continuing my journey. Sorry thing, I had to exterminate it. It got down to my belly. I remembered vividly of a similar incident I went thru 33 years ago. On my way to my aunty's house in Bukit Gelugor for tuition one unfortunate morning, I had a bee stung me right at the pinnacle of speed at a "Gon" (Penang lingo for a steep hill.) This puny bee sank it's barbed & it got lodged at my neck with it's sack full of venom still pumping! My aunt quickly applied vinegar, but the pain was too unbearable. I didn't go to school the next day I think.

Here's the exact location
of the incident when I was 10 (at point B) in Jalan Lembah, Bukit Gelugor , Penang. Later in 1984, my Form 6 classmate who was ridin a scrambler, smashed his legs after kissing a lamp post at the same spot. He celebrated his birthday in GH!

The nostalgic sting route

There are things you could see when you cycle then you're drivin' or cruisin' on a motorbike. It's all chocked up when u approach Plaza Pheonix, Mad jam right after the toll booth. I'm all smiles, except by now I'm gettin' sick by the swarm of motorcycles.

Caught up with Azizan Fixie of Cycle Friday & we had short tour around KLCC.

Had roti telor kuah banjir to eat b4 my journey back to Bandar Baru Bangi. Left Pelita Restaurant by 'bout 6:15pm. Got stuck in Jalan Tun Razak in front of the American embassy. What to do. Ride on the kerb lah! Down south to the Kpg Pandan roundabout & took the ramp towards the ol' F&N factory into Jalan Lok Yew. As Kelolo would say, you'll feel the sense of bravado as you sweep by the jammed up cars. One fellow gave me a funny smirk. By now I was burping from the curries I gobbled earlier.

Zooming past Bt10 & Tun Hussein Onn was fantastic but every time I meet up with a junction, I make sure I'm xtra careful. There aint too many cars turnin' to the left but always look over your shoulder. Never take any chances & assume that the idiots notices you.

The bottom line is - Amber shades is a must (you get to see better, probably for some), blinkers & lights too. Helmet? Don't cycle without it. Aint gonna blab too much, watch the video for the detailed ride.

The route I took to KL


KeLoLo said...

Great! I felt the same. No pre plan for my first bike commuting to office. It happen all of the sudden. And before you know it, you'd be cycling to office more frequently...And you'd learn that it is not is difficult like what you thought it is...

Keep pedalin bro!

I have my own take of biking to office video I'd like to share... Hopefully more will answer the call...

Man CIOCC said...

Kelolo said in ManCIOCC's blog "...And you'd learn that it is not is difficult like what you thought it is..."

Tks bro. It's not difficult at all. If there's a will there's a way.

Hang punya cheghita pun sikit punya baguih la. Sempoi semacam!

Saya ni pak Nana Tanjung baguih punya doke pekena nasik kandaq.
Bubuh punya banyanak sampai tersandaq! Kayuh jeuh-jeuh sampai tak tau nak habaq. Letih malam ni mesti tidoq terkapaq!

Akmal Hizam said...

Congratulations on your CF!
For me, riding to work now is an addiction.
I admire your photo - the one in the mirror. Nice composition.

Man CIOCC said...

True enough Tn. Haji Akmal,

Cycling itself is an addiction,
But cycling thru junction(s),
Here yee I must mention,
Is the worst kind of anticipation! ;P

ps: Camera compact je...

khairul said...

Cool, this thing is addictive mind you.

Hari tu tak sempat jumpa.

Man CIOCC said...

When the endorphins kicks in, you'll be in a trance like zone, drowned in "acid"!

InsyaAllah Khairul, nanti pasti jumpa.

TOKI - 019 5516368 said...

..bukak BLOG Aini jumpa LINK hang..Yang best sekali tengok ur video cycling 2 work..Bukan pasai pa..TOKI pun suka ambik gambag masa kayoh tapi tak lah seterror hang noo..lagi pun pakai camera SONY K800i H/P jer..Camera apa yang hang pakai tu? Kayoh tak teror takpa janji gambag mau laaa..congratulation MAN..

Man CIOCC said...

Salam Toki,
Saya pon seghonok tengok gambaq hang pi Kpg. Ulu Geruntum, Perak. Kat Gopeng tu. Jun teun lepaih saya pi mein water rafting dgn budak2 opis.

Saya ni tukang arrange maalumlah kegheja bahagian Sports & Recreation.
Sya mmg peghasan jalan nak pi masuk tu mmg cantik & teduh kalu kayuh.

Saya pakai kamera compact bodo Nikon Coolpix L16 RM400 (Empat Ghatuih Ketui) saja. Pakai bateri AA saiz biasa senang chaghi kalau habih.
7.1 pixels, 3x zoom, 2.8 inch LCD screen. Morghah tapi baguih!

Tapi video dia baguih, boleh set 3 qualiti, Hi-Mid-Lo. Saya set kat Mid je utl upload laju. Hi qualiti saya guna bila amik vids family.

Teghima kasih deun keladi pasai melawat blog saya, kalau boleh lagi link lah blok baru saya ni.