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060610 Malakoff Charity Ride - Siam

Day 3 - Siam Day

“Doa” was recited to ensure the well being of all riders. Praise to “Him”, the last trek will be soundly safe.

D TV3 guys & some other roadies

The back roads of Kelantan will normally be the last thing on anyone’s mind. To venture there is like walking into the unknown, more like crawling into a dark cave totally blind. Hidden treasures await you though.

Oh, you wouldn’t know what’s in store in these backwaters.

This time we rode right next to the a river separating Malaysia & Thailand. & every 4 kilos or so, there will be an army post to keep a lookout for illegal aliens & their non legal activities. I doubt they’ll even get out today. They rather go into hiding as the blaring sirens of the entourage smears the tranquility.

Shhhhh…At times it’s almost deserted & you can hear the rolling tyres sounds skimming over the tarmac.

Zafry Fauzi & Yazid Ismail leadin d pack

Firstly, the roadies were pampered with shades, smooth terrain & spectacular kampong scenery. We’re riding on the dark grey ribbon of tree lined rod that sits right beside Thailand.

I had always wanted to roll on the biggest chaining & the endless path was just too inviting to pass. Technically I rode substantial kilometers on the 53-11 rings & cassette. A BIG feat for an OTAI like me I must say. Well, the route was pancake-flat topped with an icing of cool tree canopies over our heads. After 2 days of mind boggling distance, the body began to acclimatize to the regime. We moved on like a heard of cattle - mowing everything in front of us.

Apai, Anuar Manan, Aini, Yazid, A Rahim Anuar & Pak Berahim

We rest awhile in Rantau Panjang….The three lady riders wanted to go shopping here but stop short as the other howled their dissatisfactions. The small townsfolk gathered in amazement of the brouhaha. We were ticked pink by the attention.

Haji Rahim & Jack

We emerged from the shadows of the canopies to be greeted by the biggest statue within these parts of our country.

Its as it time stood still. A behemoth statue of the sleeping Buddha awaits you at Wat Phothivihan in Cabang Empat, Tumpat. This statue is known as the longest sleeping Buddha in South East Asia. It is almost 40m long. There is also a sizable Thai community here. That comes to show that the Islamic state of Kelantan is tolerant to other cultures & religions, contrary to some belief. See with your own eyes…
For the tired body, the sight of the reclining body, cool relax facial expression & droopy eyed statute is enuff to make you yawn too. Probably dozing-off for a spell will do some good but time is not on our side. Tok Janggut & Apai just couldn’t resist a catnap for a couple of minutes

Finally my twin arrived!

Apai, u gotta elongate your ear. Similarities are there!

As I shot these riders mimicking the laid back statue, shrills of laughter filled the air broke the silent lucidity. I hobbled towards the commotion with my clunky SIDI’s which is definitely not made for running. To my amusement, I caught Shaharom & Anuar Manan making a clown of themselves to the delight of the Siamese foster kids.

Sleeping beauties

How heart warmed I felt after seeing young parent-less innocent faces filled with joy & beaming with at our presence. It melted my soul & made my eyes teary. As I smiled, a tear rolled down my already charred baby faced cheeks…

"Ceria" Siamese orphans

These two buffoons were jumping “Jump Rope” with frenzied clapping kids in the background. Their silly antics brightened the usually mundane life of the foster home.

“Jump Rope” - A children game of physical perseverance & not for the bulky physique. It requires a string of about 7-8 feet long. Requires good timing of the player between the act of jumping and the movement of the rope. The trick is not to get entangled within the chains of rubber bands, but nowadays they use a commercially manufactured semi rubber-plastic material with is less elasticity. Lately there has been talk that these artificial rubber bands are made from used condoms!

We left the sleeping beauty to his own devices. We’ve more kilos to cover - can’t even blink!

When we were kids, our parents couldn't afford these

On arrival at the duck restaurant, we dropped our butts to the awaiting chairs, ready to be served the best duck curry in town. Duck curry in Tumpat. Some of the guys ate without knowing it was duck’s flesh & they felt nauseous. Some even went to extend of expelling the contents of their stomach. What a waste. They don’t know what they’re missing. Duck is tastier than chicken even though ducks loves scouring the muddies. Duck? Yuck!

Lost in transit & confused


Rolled by the seafront in Pantai Seri Tujuh & like a wizard on wheels, Anuar Manan halted the train on its tracks & stopped the speeding train from chugging over us.

3km to go, everyone got really excited & sprayed water at one another. Gone were the pain & agony of the journey. We were chucking merrily as we approached the end of our adventure.

Young old man & young boy

Malakoff's clan

We screamed with delight – arms raised in triumph as if we’ve won the World Bike Tour.

Daoh, me, Aini, Farid & Apai

I must thank everyone in Malakoff 4 such an excellently organized bike ride. The monies that we personally contributed so small & nothing compared to the sheer hard work & noble cause that you guys did. Bearing in mind, it’s our responsibility to help the less fortunate.

May the “Almighty” bless you people for the good deeds & for the successful event.

For me, I made it even though I was rather worried, skeptical & unsure of my capabilities. If not for Aini - Rambling Balls of Fire’s assurance (Kalau aku tak abis malu weh, coz she completed it!) I’d probably think twice. The distance really scared the s*** out of me.

On a normal weekend, I’d normally do an 80-100 or 130km the most but doin a 160km? You gotta be nuts! And at 3pm with the blistering afternoon sol & the entire extreme seaside wind conditions…phew. What the #$%@?!

With high spirits, we concluded the three seemable hard days into one big triumph.

Black is Beautiful!

I had fun getting sun burned & not to mentioned, eggs fried & the sausages barbecued. A dream came thru after all the sweat n tears.

KB - KT - Tanah Merah - KB

Google route - click here

Njoi da video... ManCIOCC

TV3 Scoreboard vid

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