Thursday, January 8, 2009

110109 Green Green Trees of Home, Bt18 Hulu Langat - Perez (S'gor/N9 border)

We're going back to where be belong, by the deep jungles of Selangor & N9.
As usual conquering 2 states on a single journey.
Perhaps we'll get to see some of our cousins (not mine) atop the trees waving us by.
RV in Pekan Bt18, watch out on your right. Right after the small town, park your gas guzzlers at a parking lot 50m after the small town after the junction on your right that leads to B19 . There's a few stalls there too. If your from the North or South, follow the directions from the linked map below.

Sg Besi KL - Pekan Bt 18 Hulu Langat directional map
Nilai - Pekan Bt 18 Hulu Langat directional map
Call me if you're lost - 019 3851723

Towards the end of the ride, once we're in Kpg. Kuala Pansoon, might as well we go for a dip in the cool
Sg. Congkak stream. Its just 7km from our RV point, cool flatties.

Don't be late, we ain't gonna wait!

Route Map

(Start) Pekan Bt 18 Hulu Langat - Kpg Gemi - Perez (S'gor/N9 border) Turn back
Kpg Gemi - Bt18 - Dam - Kpg Kuala Pansoon (R&R Sg. Congkak) - Bt 18 (End).

Total ride distance = 63km
Terrain = 9km of Genting Sempah type hills, some flatties & rolling hills.
*The route is moderate to a slightly tough, have a solid breakfast but not too heavy.
*Bring along a tube of CoolGel for cramps.
*To avoid cramps, have a teaspoon of Apple Vinegar.
View = Superb

ETA: 7:30 am sharp! Sorry we're not gonna wait this time round.
Pliz leave your house at 6 am after Subuh

Cycling directions
Start at: B52 / Bt 18 Hulu Langat

1. Head southwest on B52 toward B19 - 0.4 km

2. Turn left at B19 - 11.0 km
Arrive at: B19
3. Head southeast on B19 toward Jalan Sungai Lalang - 3 m

4. Turn left at B32 - 8.8 km
Arrive at: B32
5. Head west on B32 toward B19 - 8.8 km
*Selangor/N9 border, 400m above sea level.

6. Turn right at B19 - 11.0 km
7. Turn right at B52 - 0.2 km
Arrive at: B52
8. Head northeast on B52 - 11.7 km
Arrive at: B52
9. Head south on B52 - 3.6 km

Arrive at: Kampung Kuala Pansoon, Hulu Langat, Selangor, Malaysia
*R&R by the Sg. Congkak Stream, best gile!!!

10. Head west on B52 - 7.7 km Arrive back at: Bt18 Hulu Langat, Selangor, Malaysia


topui said...

slurrpp..i think dis is doable for me..alright I'm in..craving for that cool dip in sg congkak..huhu

Daoh Darko said...

Ok count me in! hehe...

bola2api said...

mana ada cool flatties to sg congkak? last time i went, it was rolling laa.. haha

KOOKY KASH said...

Man, I nak join jugak, insyallah sampai. See u at Bt18

Man CIOCC said...

Great, lagi ramai lagi meriah!!!

Enche Bon said...


I think 'cool flatties' refer to those cool guys who are flat due to exhaustion after the climb to Perez.

Hahahaha... after all, I might be one of the 'cool flatties' this weekend :)

bola2api said...

yay kash ada!

Pentilium5 said...

sir, when is the next ride?

Man CIOCC said...

Dear Pentilium5,
We might be doing LEKAS highway right up till Mantin N9. Probably to Lenggeng back to Beranang & back to UKM Bangi.
Will update the story on Green2 Trees of Home by 2moro & rides update on Thursday, InsyaAllah.

ismadi said...

arghhh..i missed the ride last son down with high fever..kena jaga dia sampai pagi that Sunday..hopefully can joint you for another ride