Tuesday, January 6, 2009

040109 Poster boys anyone?

What an unusual day. It's so ungay. The sky was so gray...
Good for ridin' in the overcast, just to get tanned on purpose!
Surpassed the sleeping time limit. Zack was already smack in front of my place.
A clan was already waitin' for us when we arrived at tye RV point.
Sham Dewa was there by 7:15am
Shouted to Zanudin across the road. Too bad but he didn't hear us. Never mind.
As we're gettin' ready, to our surprise, Burn @ Bakar an old ridin' friend of mine arrived.
The last time we rode together was probably a year or more.
Burn was leadin' the pack & as we turned into Teras Jernang he was gone!

Without the usual breakfast we proceeded to meet up with Adik Ayie Nexus at Restaurant Sedap (Sodap ah Ayie?) near Mydin Putrajaya. Eagerly calling me every 5 minutes for the ride. Zack started the bike rollin' by asking me to take a shot of him trying to look "ganas serious". Maaf bro, banyak sangat makan budu, nampak kelakar pulak. Some "guys" would die for his calf, thigh & power packed bottom. Ha! Ha!

As we left P14 & coming to Persiaran Timur, Suhaimi PPZ with his new bling-bling Fuji blasted off the track like a jack rabbit pursued by Azwari gettin' away scott free (because he's ridin' a Scott USA). Yeah-Yeah, new bike, new power rejuvenated. All the way till the end of Persiaran Selatan approximately 3.5km, was a total mayhem as Fahmi joined the fray trying to capture the lead apparently goin' 50++ kph!

Hey...rider baru like Azwari getting away? Sham Dewa & Suhaimi PPZ pushing the limit? Tak bole jadi ni. Well, it lasted for only a few km. The guys having a good time laughing at each others antics. Macam budak2. True, cycling makes you feels like a kid. Plus you get a bunch of so called loony fellas. What can u expect? A fun ride!

The view was spectacular from PICC, you could see a whole things from here. The gloom doom about to crash sky made it more dramatic. Pull in your stomach & grin. The saucer like structure would be mistaken by an invading alien. What a stylo looking spaceship. These odd shaped astronauts wear rainbow coloured tights & spots large looking "bulge".
Md Noor Balung Ayam Merah (he wears a bright red hood/scarf/bandanna which looks like a chicken's comb). You could recognise him 10 miles away!

We opted for a cuppa in P9 but what was left was a couple off laksa, meehoon & some bits off pieces & leftovers. I snarled but apologetic at a guard for asking us to remove our bikes form the food court. Apparently "someone" complained of our presence. I said " Ask the person to come & see me!" Ending the conversation with a "...basikal 15 ribu" I know he was just doing his job but certainly there are people "somewhere up there" who doesn't.
Similar case near the Putrajaya Masjid, read the grouses here.
More issues & the official complaint from our PERS friend here.

That's not gonna mar our "Poster boys Fun ride in the Sun"...er more of fun in the Clouds actually.

Zack lookin' aggressive here,
Some fella goin' downhill up there.

Welcome to our starship. Beam us up Scotty!

Man CIOCC, Ismadi, Suhaimi PPZ, Fahmi,
Sham Dewa, Azwari, Zharin, Zack, & Adik Ayie.

Giving the thumbs -up, Md Noor Balung Ayam

A picture is worth a thousand kilometres.

Cycling Directions


zackgrafik said...

Pesal gambo aku betul2 jadi cam alien ek man? hehehe

Man CIOCC said...

Alien tengok kita pun tekejut beruk!

Enche Bon said...

Bang Man,

Memang ride yang santai... sampai kat part yang 50kph tu. Agreed, view from PICC was nice, overcast skies plak...

Kewl eh?

apai said...

huish. wheelset ganas nampak!

Man CIOCC said...

Yeah Enche Bon,
Realy2 Kewl or Cool...

Pai, rider ganas tak sebut.
Camna nak ganas, semua "gay".

Gay: Definitions,
The term gay was originally used, until well into the mid-20th century, primarily to refer to feelings of being "joyful", "carefree", "happy", or "bright and showy"

Daoh Darko said...

This time your pics are superb!
Rims tu yang tak boleh tahan... kihkihkhi

zackgrafik said...

Proposal Climbing Package utk coming event..

Peres: RV bt18 - Puncak Peres - Bt18 (40k return trip)

Peres/Tekala: RV bt18 - Puncak Peres - Tekala (refill) - Bt18 (65k)

Bkt Antu/Peres: RV bt14 - Bkt Antu - Puncak Peres - Bt 18 (refill) - Bt 14 (55k)

ismadi said...

Abg Man,

Very suitable ride for recreational cyclist like moi..hope ada banyak lagi this sort of jovial ride after this. It was great outing accompanied by great people and I had great fun..and the photos were all superbly snapped..mucho gracias!


topui said...

perghh..memang kewl..teruja sungguh..but i can only limit myself to one ride per wk..hope can join the fun next time..

bola2api said...

sungguh gediks sekali gambo2 tu hahaha

rugi i tak join.. nanti after all this running hu-ha is over, hopefully i can join u guys..

2 minggu jer lagi to merdeka!!!

Man CIOCC said...

C'mon c'mon all, we're goin' to Bt18 Hulu Langat - Perez - Pansoon, as proposed by Zack Graphix!

Ismadi, Topui, Bebola Api.
Sama-sama kita pi tangkap ungka!
Lotong utan sodap buek lomak cili api, isinyo manih...ikan semilang pun kalah! Air liur Enche Bon dah menitik...Ssslyrup...

Thank you all for being a sport.

BURN CRF 2 said...

man sorry la pasal trip to putrjaya saya slh jln trus dengkil ingat ride dulu kaki kram lama x ride so bila trip santai lagi