Monday, January 19, 2009

180109 LEKAS Highway - Mantin, Ride da' Wind

Wind-wind, blow away, blow away another day...

Sun risin' & sapient ridin' Here I come Cycling Addicts, I'm addicted for endorphins, can I get 3 shots? Can, can, can...if you cycle 69km with us, you'll get it free of charge! The problem is you'll sweat a lot, get tired like hell & probably die at a very old age.

& so here we are, a bunch of drug seekers of a different kind, searching at every nooks & crannies, every towns & kampungs, highs & lows for the "KICKS". So high the kicks that Suhaimi PPZ... Luckily not PCP (Phencyclidine (a complex clip of the chemical name phenylcyclohexylpiperidine, commonly initaliased as PCP), is a dissociative drug, exhibiting hallucinogenic & neurotoxic effects... that Suhaimi PPZ was at my doorstep at 6:56:55 am! Last nite you can't even differentiate between right or left. Lu tekan apa semalam beb...?

Yeah, cycling we do that a lot, cycling in a trance, like a dream hallucinating of acid. Come to think of it - "The Neurotic Cyclist", what a name, great name for a blog.

Adik Acap & Zamroni rolled in & Nazran who was b4 a "RAMPA", who hasn't rode with me for almost 2 years came along too. No sign on Zharin yet, probably he'll wait for "The Red Chiken Comb Rider". We took off to the RV point, SILK Highway, Bukit Kajang toll plaza. Panicked a minute, yes, a minute only. Cikgu Hisham called, we're behind you. WTF (World Taekwondo Federation), we thought we were at the wrong RV. Whatshisname...speak of the devil, Zharin appeared out of nowhere, like a genie from a lamp.

5 minutes later, Cikgu Hisyam & the junkies arrived & we exit Plaza Tol Bkt Kajang. Looped clove the Sg. Long highway & it lead us to the LEKAS toll plaza. Faizol was tellin me how windy it can get at times. Now u tellin' me. Oh man, why am I using my high profile wheels...

The druggies were a fun lot. Faizol busy with his vid. me & him takin each others silly antics during the ride after the toll booth where Zaha from Semenyih was already waiting. Wide open road, the highway seems endless. Like a runaway but missin the aircrafts. Like a bee without a flower & like a plug without a socket. Occationally you'd get gas guzzlers zooming by but frankly this road is under utilised. That means its good for us cyclist. You'd pass above Kpg. Kuala Pajam & Bandar Akademia. That's the only civilisation to be seen on the route. Everything else is left-right jungle. The terrain isn't too steep but manageable. Smooth paving makes a silky ride. Watch out for crosswinds which can blow you away. At times you might have to cycle downhill. Cycle downhill, that bad ah? I dunno, ask Faizol. The wind the killer & the wind is your only enemy here.

The weather was fine & cool but the "spotlight" was gettin' bigger & bigger. Luckily the crosswinds wasn't that bad in LEKAS today. We could manage 25-30 kph all the way to the Mantin toll both where we regrouped. All decided against turnin' back as the heat might get the better of us. Lagipun some of us have yet to have breakfast or brunch. We swarmed the kedai makan like a bunch of piranhas, leaving this townfolk awed by our colourful presence. Me juz took a plate of rice & tofu. One glass of choc & a bottle of gatorade but not a single one dare touch the "Tapai". Nite eat tapai, me sure no sleep!

As we're about to leave, Md Nor called & asked us to wait. The Balung Ayam rider rode to Lenggeng alone, had to make a detour to Sg. Jai coz the "Mantin road tak boleh keluar, Sg. Jai patah balik sini naya ah..." Whateverlah Red Comb Rider, wa tabik sama lu, lu memang Powerbar kayuh sorang-sorang. Punyalah Power Rangers, on the return leg, u terus pecut at the junction of Jalan Enam Kaki! (History of Jalan Enam Kaki - The kampung road started off to be 6 foot wide hence the name, "6 Feet Road"!) No-no-no, the road got no legs...Not "6 Legs Road". @%?*&! direct translation...tak sekolah ke?

The wind was unforgiving right up till Beranang. The C50 feels like a kite. Goodness gracious, finally we got out of the wind tunnel. At my weight, it might blow me away. I'm glad that all decided unanimously to cut short thru Jalan Enam Kaki. The sun was really blazing her beams now. Arrived BBB at 12 noon, mak ai cepat nye. LEKAS have got it's plus points. This route is my cuppa tea but I ain't gonna turn back the same highway unless I'm being chased by mother in law. I'd rather go out to Mantin & use the ol' road & finish it off with a ride thru kampungs. If you're a speedster & you're in a rush or some pack of K9 are coming after u, use it!

Moral of this ride - If da' winds nevah' goin' away, we better go n fly kites!

Da Route, sorry it doesn't exist in Google yet.

2 pcs white bread-140 kcal + 2 chicken slice-100 kcal + 1 cup MILO-200 kcal
Calories intake, breakfast = 440 kcal
Calories burned = 2375 kcal
Average heartbeat = 154 bpm
Total distance BBB - Mantin - BBB = 69 km
Average speed = 24 kph

ps: we forgot to take a groupie shot...aiya...


Faizol said...

Nice camera shots... ehem...especially the angle where the C50 was spinning....

Man CIOCC said...

Keh, keh, keh.
No one would notice its' a C50 lah...

Rider yang penting...bukan wheel set.

TOKI - 019 5516368 said...

Man!!hang kayoh atas highway TOK tak kacau ker? Lagi satu masa hang kayoh tu hang ambik gambag cam na? Camera letak kat mana? Kena blajag ni..minat punya

Man CIOCC said...

Tadak sapa yg kacau pun, mmg ramai gak rider2 yg blasah highway ni. Tadak signboard pun yg kata kami takleh kayuh kat sini. Highway ni mcm runaway kat airport...lagipon keta koghang.

Tangkap gambaq camna? Tangkap mcm biasa lah...cuma kena xperimen sikit, silap xperimen, tetunggin.

Saya tunggin-tebalik camera, yg nampak wheelset tu sya kayuh sbelah tangan, tangan kanan atau kiri go low nampak skit wset. Yg namapak muka saya then nampak rider2 kat blakang sya pegang tangan kiri (twist yr hand), tangan blakang camera, rise the cam slowly, nampak muka sya skit & then go over yr shoulder.

Amik kena slo-mo jgn gopoh, kalau gopoh pening kepala viewer!

Kalau nak belajaq betul2 kena masuk AD ITM lah ;P