Sunday, January 25, 2009

250109 KKB - Bukit Frazer, to hell...well almost

Three scenic shots from Mi Bezitagt2

Two Xcellent climbing shots by Mi Bezitagt2

I dunno what I ate...3am I'm still awake! Too xcited for the ride probably. 5am, I bounced up. Took a cold shower & prepared 3 slices of bread, 2 slices of chicken & a cup of cocoa. I'm eatin' the sandwich while drivin. Suhaimi PPZ, Anuar & Daoh were waitin' at the Sg. Besi Petonas station. Daoh had to take a rain cheque, he got a 6:25am we were already at the Rawang toll booth for Subuh prayers.

That's settled, & the 35km drive to KKB, thats boring. Took a wrong turn pulak, luckily we didn't end up in Batu Caves. Back tracked & there they are, 3 riders already unpacking their machines. Abg. Din & his son from Manjung...Manjung?!! Plus another from KL. Me, Suhaimi PPZ & Anuar had to kena something b4 the ride. Finishing my sandwich with a pair of half boiled eggs & a banana in between.
Riders trickled in at the parking lot right front of the post office as we watched over from the mamak restaurant.

To the amusement of locals, about 8am, thirty (30) bespectacled, odd looking humanoids or so were seen loitering around KKB with rainbow coloured skintight & odd looking turtle shaped headgear. Each of them boarded a craft with two Saturn like rings with triangular shaped beams & reverse horn like front

After the customary briefing & doa selamat, we set off to our destination. Unknowingly what's in store for us. I was trailing behind with Amir Shah Alam until he had to wait for his friend. Forward ahead I could see Arif & tagged along for a while. Probably 20 mins or so I sped off & there they were Suhaimi PPZ & Anuar. I kicked off the journey with a movie of these two fellas spinning like crazy which they themselves obligingly took shots of me spinning too.
It's kinda tiring climbing beside the dam. View's great from here. Wish for a dip. 2 cyclist zoomed pass me. Thought of following them but, nah...I'm gonna take my own sweet time, which made me regret later. Which I did... It's hellish enough to ride alone for 22 km but riding uphill alone is murder!

The 1st group has sped off leaving me behind. Yeah, serves u right for sembang-sembanging at the back of the pack. Luckily we have Darwins "cousins" at every other km waving by. I'm not gonna provoke them, nasty buggers these "Beruk" makyeh. So , there I am minding my own business. Oh ok, who cares...I'll do my own pace. Sucked up the fresh forest scent as waterfalls witnessed my determination.
25km, my bottom was getting all heated up. Every 1-2km or so I stood up riding. Remembering my anak buah Amin Superstar's words to use the bigger chain ring for the optimum speed & use more of your body weight. It helped a lot. 5 km to the Gap, the nerve was gettin' the better of me. I didn't bring my headphones. What a bore, but I kind of "Enjoy the Silence - Depeche Mode". Until ...unexpectedly I reached the Gap, with a rousing reception.

Someone said "ManCIOCC boleh senyum & amik vid lagi!!!" I trained hard brudder...

Lady luck is on us. The group waited for about half an hour I think. 11:40 am we were allowed to ascend to the final leg, letting the cars go by first. The monstrous 8km. Why am I doing this? Me, Ash, Mi Bezitagt & 2 other rider started the climb on a steady pace. Never ride too close at the edge, lotta moss, you'll slip into the ravine! Same goes if you're descending, lagi kena watch out. One rider crashed! That I don't want. Me takpa , not my bike...
By the halfway mark, a rider felt like fainting only to be reminded to look forward & upward slightly. Thanks Ash. The more u look down, the tendency of you bonking is extremely high. Ok brudder, sikit lagi. To have 2-3 riders with you is a blessing. At least it makes the climb easier. Alone? Would have probably turned back. To some it up, it's nerve wreaking, every bend there's another steep climb like a highway to nowhere. Ravine on your left & cliff on your right. The path (the road is rather narrow) that why traffic is only allowed at an hourly intervals. A Honda cub rider was behind all the way up us to warn us by beeping if there's a car coming up from behind, thanks bro. Ash was using an ol' skook crank & Vitus bike. Whacking the climb with 42-20 ratio. You're crazy man, I'm using 39-23 also dunno what to think already. 8km of %*&$@#!.. By now were counting on our reserved tank. Far beyond we were longing for the shimmering gates of heavens.

The top finally! Phew, what a ride.
Raised the Scott above my head for proof that I'ved conquered Frazer. I'm kissin you clock tower. Hickory Dickory Dock, The riders rode up the clock. The clock struck noon. Riders here too soon & all the goons went loon, Hickory Dickory Dock!

Some brought along meehoon, sandwiches, coffee (boiled on the spot!) & snacks. Thank you all!!! Thanks Big Jack for organizing such a fun but it's a muscle & mind wrenching ride!
TQ to BJ & the gang who initiated ride ni. TQ also to all support crews (cars, videographers, photographers, stenographers, momographers & all) Ayah Mang with his bike checking participants, Ajo and Tezi with their mee hoon, Kay ngan pisang joget and sandwich, AO for coffee. Last but not least, Ash for his fab Tshirt.

It poured like waterfall. Some of us went & got acquainted with some Bangla in his mansion. As long as we're out of da rain we're ok...OK my foot, out of da pourin' cats & dogs don't mean we ain't was freezin'. Freakin weather, high noon & it's misty. (
Misty Cicles - Dead or Alive) After a lot of picture taking & cooling down we decided to descend as the gates of hell is about to close. If you don't go down by the specific time, you'll be trapped for another hour. Ho ho ho, better get down on it at snail's pace my dear. It's so "Slippery when wet" - Bon Jovi.

My fingers freeze from too much pressure on the brakes, my shoulder aches, teeth clenched from the cold. Rolling down in an igloo...

More photo ops & then demons were the order of the day. Posessed riders.
Ya...madness rule to the breakneck speed of 75kph. 2 riders nearly pounded into one another & guess who's behind them? Scared the s*** out of me! I wanna be home in one piece. Crosswind brudder... Moral of the story, if you're using hi-profile (C50) , use it somewhere else. Feels like flying a kite without a string attatched. 10 km of high speed chase...We rolled on to KKB with such satisfaction. The taste still lingers in my mouth...

This is definitely one of the best group I've ever ridden with. Lotta bling-bling bikes & star-star riders BUT all are really humble folks. To everyone, u all are great people!! I wanna go again! To hell with hell!

2 pcs white bread -140 kcal + 2 chicken slice -100 kcal + 1 cup MILO-200 kcal
+ 2 half boiled eggs - 150 kcal + 1 banana - 72 kcal
Calories intake, breakfast = 662 kcal
Calories burned = dunno (forgot to bring d heart rate monitor)
Average heartbeat =
(forgot to bring d heart rate monitor)
Distance KKB - Gap = 32 km
Distance Gap - Frazer, Clock Tower = 8 km
Average speed = 18 kph uphill
Total distance KKB - Gap - KKB = 80 km


Enche Bon said...

Bang Man,

Gigil kepala lutut baca cerita nih, bukan gigil sejuk... gigil nak kayuh, hahaha...

Nanti kita ride naik sekali lagi ye, hehe. Ni nampaknya nak kena training lebih sikit ni... kasi banyak sikit mileage :)

Man CIOCC said...

Enche Bon,

Bukan gigil lagi, takut tercabut kepala lutut! Turun pulak jari dah mcm nak jem.

2-3 bulan kita buat lagi!!! Syok ooooo...

Taufik said...

best nyer dapat panjat bukit fraser. Bila nak buat lagi? Nak ikut...

Man CIOCC said...

Bole En. Taufik tapi seelok-eloknya waktu cuti panjang. Training kena lebih sikit. Kita bole diskas.
Kita boleh target 2 hingga 3 jam perjalanan ke Gap. Ada satu rest stop in between mengikut kemampuan rider.
MTB slick lebih senang coz gearing ratio besar. Pada yg pakai RB tu should know their capabilities. The last 8 km from Gap is the crunch!
Mesti gerak selewat-lewatnya jam 8 pagi, jadi kita dapat sampai ke Gap by 11:30am. Tak silap saya 11:40am baru vehicles are allowed to go up at hourly intervals.
Kalau family ikut, kita buat pot luck picnic kat atas. Dari segi environment, Cameron pun kalah. Frazer mmg best!
Mcm kami buat tempohari, ada support car & motorbike. Kalau malas, kita boleh bawak masuk car & bok turun.