Saturday, January 24, 2009

240109 To the Pasar with my son

My son, my shadow...

SEJATI - Sek. Keb. Jln. Tiga

"Papa, Amier Zain nak pi kayuh, nanti panaih sangat" said my son in a thick Penang accent. Jom kita pi jeuh sikit lah, kita pi market. Cuma 6 km pi balik saja... Took my T-Blaze & off we go, stopping by his Sek Kebangsaan to snap a few shots.

We then took a short cut under Jalan 3/4 in front of the school to avoid the main road, telling him not to be too adventurous & use it alone. (He goes to school by bus sekolah anyway). It can be muddy at times but today the mud was rather dry, so we could just negotiate through the underpass quite smoothly. Nice artistic graffiti on the wall but if you pass this route at after dark, you can get a "Free show"!

Sayang,what a nice path but the majlis, since donkey years, never bothered to maintain this route. You have school kids using this road every day. A pakchik who was jogging by us commented "Hah, xcersise ngan anak?" I just smiled & ya ya.
The rain tree above us was a sight for sore eyes. can't help but to stop & snap-snap some more. Luckily Amier's mood was good, being a photo model is no easy task. To "kowtow" him, after breakfast I bought him a BMW key chain worth RM3. You should look into his eyes... As I was rummaging through Wan's things, I got hold of a VW Bug replica made of clay. What a treasure, it looked rather antique. Toke Wan's daughter is good looking too, cun...mcm anak mami. He he he...

One thing I like about this pasar, It's got the ol' skool charm. The stalls are cute & the variety of food? Omigosh! Macam-macam ada. All the stalls got nasik lemak but Stall no.5 Gerai Kak Kiah's nasi lemak daun pisang is different. The nasi is soft for my liking & the sambal is fab. 2 bungkus as usual lah. Pakchik speaks Jawa but actually he is Melayu...huh! A cup of tongkat ali drink to "Perk me up" a bit. M
ee rebus Kak Kiah pun sodap & they serve variety of kuih. The smell of pulut panggang was too intoxicating to me missed. 3 pliz, kakak. Packed some more nasik lemak & headed home.

Short cut from home & route from Bangi toll

ps: Soto best gerai no.1 (Toke, isteri, anak2 & menantu pun saya kenal)


Faizol said...

Bro Azman,

Nice shots, especially the boy with his sister on trolley.

Man CIOCC said...

Ha ha, I'm glad I caught them. Xtremely rare. Lucky to be at the right time & place.