Tuesday, February 24, 2009

220209 Sleep Cycle, Unikeb - Lenggeng

Zharin loves a pair of soft "Nasik Lemak"

Boy Acap, Sharul Hulk, Zharin, Md. Noor, Sham Dewa,
Zanudin, Zul Bangsar, Wari, Aini, Man CIOCC

Newly paved road that leads to LTDL Bukit Puyoh KOM. Semenyih to Broga passing by Nottingham University, then to Broga, Lenggeng. Climb up Kpg. Mandum Hill & reverse back to Lenggeng to refill & rest. Off uphill 2km to LTDL Bkt. Puyoh & proceed to Mantin & on & on & on...Total ride > 86km only.

Bull! You're dreaming, It didn't happen. Like I said, most of us were practically sleep cycling - my dear "Cyclomaniacs". Sharul Hulkv6tt entertained his mother in-law with Upin & Ipin till the wee hours of the mornin. We had to be coax him (scolding him actually) to follow us.

Dawn creeping, I was in Gombak with my eldest son. Went to pick up an ol' skool bike frame. If not for the rowdy bunch, I would have slept on the pavement. Aini & Sham Dewa had to turn back, both forgot their tortoise headgear.

8:00 am plus-plus, like a bunch of ol croaker, then only we started our journey. Some lunatic screaming at the riders, what da hell, oh... Md. Noor Red Chiken Comb - caught up with us later. After almost 2 hours of "soft" riding, Great Balls of Fire was lamenting "Jauh lagi ka?..." 5 minutes later we're in Lenggeng. Not a single one went ahead as planned. Like flies we swarmed the regular nasi kukus haunt in Lenggeng. Zul Bangsar's "Ummh!" was caught on video. Unanimously all decided to cut short the return leg, pillow waiving at us... 2 punctures sealed our fate. Goodbye Bkt. Mandum & Bkt. Puyoh, we'll scale you next visit.

The 33km ride to Unikeb was unquestionably unforgiving. Eyelids like an Eskimo - Delirious like a drunk drone.


Start at: Jalan Bangi

1. Head northeast on Jalan Bangi toward Persiaran Universiti - 1.4 km
2. Continue on Jalan Reko - 5.0 km
3. Turn left toward Lebuhraya Silk - 0.6 km
4. Slight left at Lebuhraya Silk - 2.8 km
5. Slight left to stay on Lebuhraya Silk - 0.7 km
6. Take the ramp to Jalan Semenyih - 0.4 km
7. Turn right at Jalan Semenyih - 4.8 km
8. Turn left to stay on Jalan Semenyih - 0.6 km
9. Turn left at B34 - 9.2 km
10. Continue on N34 - 6.9 km
11. Turn left to stay on N34 - 0.6 km

Arrive at: Lenggeng, Negeri Sembilan Malaysia

12. Head northwest on N34 - 0.6 km
13. Continue on N144 - 2.6 km

Arrive at: N144

14. Head west on N144 - 1.7 km
15. Turn left toward Jalan Sungai Jai - 1.8 km
16. Turn right at Jalan Sungai Jai - 1.4 km
17. Turn left to stay on Jalan Sungai Jai - 0.2 km
18. Turn left at Jalan Semenyih - 1.1 km
19. Turn right at Jalan Enam Kaki - 0.1 km

Arrive at: Jalan Enam Kaki

20. Head west on Jalan Enam Kaki - 3.3 km
21. Continue on B24 - 6.6 km
22. Turn left at B18 - 1.6 km
23. Turn left to stay on B18 - 2.2 km
24. Turn left to stay on B18 - 0.5 km

Arrive at: B18

25. Head west on B18 - 1.5 km
26. Continue on B17 - 4.6 km

Arrive at: Jalan Bangi

3 pcs white bread-210 kcal + 2 slices cheese-220 kcal + 1 cup MILO-200 kcal
Calories intake, Breakfast = 630 kcal
Calories Burned = 1475 kcal
Average Heartbeat = 140 BPM


Enche Bon said...

Bang Man,

Next time kena juga cari jalan to follow your rides. Dah lama tak ride on Sunday mornings (sigh!). Next two weekends pun tak dapat ride with you guys, aiseh...

Daoh Darko said...

Sorry can't make it that day. Went to ride with the ROP gang. That's another sad story.

Lesson learned, when you're up but you're eyes are closing shutters, duduk rumah tido lagi bagus. :P

Anyways, you always have good stories to tell. Jumpa kat PCM na!

Man CIOCC said...

Enche Bon, yang penting middle of the week rides tak miss.

Daoh, lebih baik tido d rumah antara dua "Pillow" yang lembut...

Don't wanna MISS da MASS. C u there.