Wednesday, February 18, 2009

150209 Cycling - LTDL Criterium KL

Poor fella...

Heero Yui & Mem

Sham Dewa & Zharin

Vid by Sham Dewa

Damn & double damn. Gotta run-off to Padang Kilat in Bangsar to cover a football match at half past 4. Where got time to c d finishing of the final LTDL race? Well, at least I geat paid... Sham Dewa offered to send me to Bangsar after 4 laps. Slipped thru Dayabumi, we parked on the kerb beside the Gombak river by the Agro Bank. Hey, ice cream & putu mayam vendor. U think you're the only ones who knows how to "Chilok"? 3 cars got stuck for 2 hours...reverse lah into Dayabumi. From their faces I know they're no fans of Mattia Gavazzi, Jose Serpa, Felt, Cervelo, "Panaurello" or whatever.

Much much later, we're so hungry we could eat a bike...more of a horse actually. Horse meat, good for your libido. Don't get me wrong. You'd probably think of getting "Stiff" but in the work of Carl Jung, are more general, referring to libido as the free creative - or psychic - energy an individual has to put toward personal development or individuation.

Right beside the casket dealer, yes CASKET/COFFIN (Where u put a dead body inside it, with TV, air-cond, alarm in case u wake up & all that weird stuff), there's a stall that sells fabulous "Nasi Kukus Ayam Goreng" Kelantanese style, made by real & original Kelantanese which happens to be an extended family of mine. All I can say is the food is so great that you wouldn't notice a ghost or a wandering spirit passing by. That's a different story...


heero yui said...

hahahaha paaprazzi got my pic man :D

Man CIOCC said...

Luckily I caught u with the right woman!

bola2api said...

aku still turn on tgk gambo2 bikes pro2 ni.. kalo dpt ride sekali, sure aku climax punya

hahaha.. yummy dilisyes..marveles