Friday, March 6, 2009

080209 Orang Asli Centre/Hospital, Gombak > Genting Sempah > Janda Baik

It'll be exactly 4 months since we visited Darwin's cousins the "Beruk". Due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to stop at Genting Sempah the last time we rode. 091108 story here. Sad...had to cut short the ride & cancel our appointment with Mak Janda. I'm feelin a bit horny these last few weeks. Hopefully Mak Janda can give me the uplifting service I've been longing for the past 120 days. Tok Batin from JHEOA had concocted some jungle tonic to enhance my "strength"...

Route via Google


View = Superb
Total ride distance = 60km.

Terrain = Very very very hilly & some minor rolling terrain.
*Might be too tough for some, have a solid breakfast but not too heavy.
*Bring along a tube of CoolGel for cramps.
*To avoid cramps, have a teaspoon of Apple Vinegar.

Set up: 7:00am.
ETD: 7:30am sharp!
*We are leavin home at 5am, Subuh prayers in Gombak.

Cycling Directions > OAC/Hospital, Jalan Gombak - Genting Sempah - Janda Baik

Start at: Orang Asli Centre (OAC)/Hospital, Jalan Gombak
1. Head north on Jalan Gombak toward Route 68 - 15.5 km

2. Head north on Route 68 Go through 1 roundabout - 1.4 km

Arrive at: Route 68 - Genting Sempah

3. Head northeast on Route 68 - 3.3 km

4. Slight right - 1.3 km

5. Turn right - 6.6 km

6. Turn left - 2.0 km
Arrive at: Kampung Janda Baik Bentong, Pahang

7. Head northeast toward Jalan Damai 3 - 2.5 km

8. Continue straight onto Jalan Damai 3 - 3.1 km

9. Turn right - 2.3 km

10. Turn left toward Route 68 - 1.3 km

11. Slight left at Route 68 - Genting Sempah.
Go through 1 roundabout - 4.7 km
Turn left at Jalan Gombak Destination will be on the right - 15.5 km

Arrive at: Orang Asli Centre
(OAC)/Hospital, Jalan Gombak

HKL Jalan Pahang to Orang Asli Centre (OAC)/Hospital, Gombak directional map. Call me if you're lost: 019-385 1723

When I see the behaviour of some humans I do believe they had evolved from apes.


Daoh Darko said...

I'm in and I'm on.
See you there!

Man CIOCC said...

Nak jumpa mak janda on aje...

KOOKY KASH said...

Abg Man, maybe we meet there, same meet up place. But we are riding to Bentong. Hmm, but maybe same route tak? Jeng…jeng…jeng

Tan Kien Boon said...

Yo.. aiyo.. kalau siang sikit cakap ok lor... mmg saya kayuh Genting Sempah ini Ahad..sampai workshop aje.. tapi ada appointment Urut jam 11 ler.. Tukang urut ni...*ahem*...:p

But I see u there on Sunday...tapi engkorang roadie..sekejap aje bayang pun dah tak nampak ler..

Abg Man, thanks for the invitation..maybe could ride together for few hundred metres ke..ekekekkeke...

Man CIOCC said...

Sampai Banting ke porkshop ke tempat pembuangan sampah no hal sista & brudda, janji kayuh.

Ke keh keh, kiok kiok kiok, oink oink oink!