Tuesday, April 7, 2009

050409 - Of John Labu & Terrapin Soup

"Oreng-oreng basikal suke makan soup labi-labi. Itu soup labi-labi bikin kuat oreng-oreng punya muscle kaki, how dare he koyak my gambar! Make me shame shame. He drop my water face... Hahaha... I'm going to the hell of the heaven, warghahaha....No jalan no road no basikal" Dr. John Jabu.

Sup Labi-Labi / Terrapin Soup, Slyurrrrrp...

No, no, not that P. Ramlee's Labu & Labi, if you're thinking about that vege "Labu" you're wrong. I don't even have the terrapin recipes but people say it's so juicy. We're talking about the small town - LABU.

Fahmi, Sham Dewa, Rahimi, Zharin, Syarul, Aini, Zul,
Man CIOCC, Wari, Rizal, Ayie Boy, Amir & Azizan Fixie

Oh, suddenly I'm feelin horny & stiff on the bike...

Amir, welcome to the fold. Look at his cool ol' skool Campy.

Blame it on the traffic, blame it on the "Remembering the Dead Day". "Qing Ming/Cheng Beng" how ever you put it. For the Chinese, it is a day to remember and honor one's ancestors at grave sites. Too many cars on da road friend said Don Hider, "I'm going to Genting Sempah/Janda Baik". Zack caught-up with the original PCC members - Admiral Alaudin, Wendy, Uncle Bo, Hjh. Alia in Perez instead. Last 2 years we got caught in the traffic in jalan Sg. Lalang en route to Tekala. There's one huge cemetery there. On the way back the torrential thunderstorm created havoc in the skies & on tar. Of course we got drenched to the bone. The usual half an hour ride back to Semenyih took us an extra hour negotiation thru the snarling traffic. Thanks Don Haider for the warning. Sorry Zack Graphic, for waiting for us at the Perez Peak.

Never the less, the ride thru Nilai, Labu, LBJ (Labu Johnson - Lots of millionaires) was a success with a couple of mishaps. I dunno how the hell they got this Johnson fellow involved. 55 km later we stopped at ye ol' Salak town.

First & foremost, right after the Nilai town traffic lights, Zharin's Sidi gave way. Sole like a hungry crocodile, laughing wide open. Lucky for us, Azizan Fixie tagged along on his Japanese cub. With a bag full of trinkets, like a mini hardware store out came a muskin tape. We wrapped the shoe like a mummy minus the salt plus mantra & presto! 80km down the road, it could last another century & wake up hereafter in never-never land.
We were rolling at a cool speed when...Puft! Zul was limping from side to side like a drunk toddy sampler. Phut-phut, leak? He was cursing his head off, never seen him do that. 10 km ahead he sprung another leak. This time Sham Dewa took charge. Like I said earlier, remove the tyre & check for any thorns, splinter , broken bones or whatever. Talk of the devil/"Mulut masin", there's a tiny wire got lodged in it. "TOLD YOU SO!" 3/4 hour lost. It's gonna get boiling.

By the time we got to Labu, it was frying. After some half naked-tiger show by Sham Dewa we proceeded to Kampung Jimah route & exited to LBJ. Heard some moto-rider beeping from behind me. Ark! Zack Graphix tracked us & caught Sharul Hulk, Rahimi & some other stopping for a refuel. Cool coconut...!

Duh, the dragon back has no mercy. Watched Aini - Great balls of Fire (the only rose between the thorns) spinning, spinning, spinning. You don't seem to tire eh? The stronger ones like Ayie, Fahmi, Wari & Rizal shot-off ahead. Could only catch them going downhill. LBJ junction to the KLIA quarters road, we stopped to regroup. Well, we actually regrouped at every junction friends. We ride distances but we ride for fun too. Mileage is one thing but camaraderie is no 1! No point "Ajakking" people to ride & just because you think you're better then them, you just leave them behind eh? If you think you're damn good, they're other who're better than you. That's the last think I need in our clan & I'm glad we don't have that kind of attitude.

At this spot, here, not elsewhere, Zul bonked. After 2 flatties he was flat as a pancake squashed by the steamroller. Zack brought along some extra bananas & Great Balls of Fire gobbled-up the biggest & longest one available. From there is was literally flat with a slight decline. The rumble in my belly is really gettin hard to ignore.

The regular restaurant in Salak greeted us with exuberance topped with an ear piercing-shrieking karaoke vocals! Thanks to the owner's plump daughter. Sham Dewa licked the mike too. OK bro, you better stop prancing & get cracking. We've got another 25 km or so to go. I heard Md Noor Red Chicken Comb haunts this place with/without his wife's knowledge! Other than that, we're a noisy lot.

Terrapin's blood got into their heads I think...



zul said...

Macam mane x jadi "pancake", 2x pancit tambah plak Rizal, fuhh mcm 2 fast 2 furious. Rasanyer ari 2 memang aku dah laju dah.. Apa-2 pun memang best ride ngan all of u.

Man CIOCC said...

Nyek-nyek abih penyek...

Bukan beskal je besi, semangat & jiwa raga, sepak raga & Hati pun mcm besi.

Gue tabik lu Zul.

Dongar-dongar dah nak pakai Bianchi / Schwinn / Moser. Makan asaplah kami...

born to be a leader said...

uncle x rndu kt sye kew sye x kyuh

Man CIOCC said...

Salam Hafiz,
Uncle man tau ngko kan exam tahun ni. Uncle2 & budak2 lain cari2 gak ngko. Geng kita dah ramai gak tapi kalu ada ngko, meriah lagi lah. Ayah ngko bila nak kayuh balik?
Ramai yang King Kong saiz tapi kayuh tetap kayuh.

azizan fixie said...

Syok jugak jadi Marshal tak bertauliah ni. Best part bila tang awek kedai tu nyanyi karaoke....Hahaha...InsyaAllah will join you all again next time:-) it was really an enjoyable ride.

bola2api said...

bro zizan, next time join bwk beskal tau.. tak aci bwk motor..haha

abg man, as usual, cool ride. this weekend hopefully i can join u again. tapi maid cuti wkend ni.. so jgn la cari route2 yg nak kena hantar2 i.e. bt 18-perez, or genting sempah.. buat sakit ati jer kalo tak dpt ikut..

kalo UKM-perez ok gak hehe..

azizan fixie said...

Eh lupa nak cakap...Sham terima kasih belanja makan:-)

sis aini

syok tgk korang suffer...Hahaha. Tujuan bawak motor tu to ensure you all have a smooth ride. Saya siap bawak tayar spare dalam bag tuh takut2 tayar Sham meletup:-) Tapi sebenornya aritu pun xde kereta so tak leh bawak beskal.

Angah said...

Abg man

Bila agaknya haku boleh join nih..

Fuh! turun lah duit dari langit untuk aku membeli rodiah...