Monday, May 11, 2009

100509 Freakin' Hot & Furious

Unikeb - PICC - Dengkil - Salak Tinggi

Like a desert ship he suckled the water canteen dry. As dry as two lovers deceiving one another...evaporating in the arid landscape. Face crumpled like a salted snail, mouth frothing with bubbled saliva. Tongue go rough like the cactus thorns...

The maddening heat was getting the better of us. Delirious...the sulfurous atmosphere was sultry & oppressive. The higher than desirable temperature was giving us a nauseous feeling & causing a heat sensation. We're really on a hot stove...& one hot forehead.

Only 4 blokes loitered in Unikeb that morning. Zack arrived in the wee of hours morning, as usual. Two humpty-dumptys were waiting for the shotgun to release them.

20 km later we rendezvoused with Mr. Woon in PICC, where we swooshed at a devilish speed right up till Salak Tinggi thanks to the locomotive single speedo Rizal. Can't remember who got a leak but we took a breather at a gas stop.

I don't think I'm gonna ride this route in the nearest future. Why? because the sky is so high...Nah, the swarm of cars whizzing by my skin irates me. It's a no-no to ride from PICC - Dengkil - Salak Tinggi highway. Not ever again.
Nothing beats lush green & tranquil routes. Instead of having a clear mind - I got a massive headache!

Rizal, Ayie Boy, Zack Graphix, Woon, Sham Dewa, Cikgu Hisham, Syarul Hulk & me.

Ok then, we'll cut the route short. I'm seeing stars in broad daylight. Puffed up De Palma hill & waited for the rest of the goons. One after other were videoed until a hard crumpling sound broke the silence. Hulk's RD got wrapped-up around the cassette & got lodged between the spokes & the seat stays. Huh? I'm puzzled, really baffled...

"Pity this bloke. Cause it ain't no joke. No i didn't misspoke. Nearly got a stroke. Why did ya provoke? Why the hell did ya do the breaststroke? Now your chain has broke!"

Herr. Zamani from Salak town

Tsk, tsk, tsk Zamani hymned...shocked & saddened by the RD's demise. Black crows - Grey vultures, lingers in the empty sky. Waiting gleefully for the angel of death. Time has come my friend, let the soul free & let it be...when the fruit is ripe, just get a new RD!

I'm so parched, I could drink a lake!

A Roadie got morphed into a Fixie,
What a surprise it would be?

Luckily for the clan you see,
There's geniuses a plenty,
Syarul could ride back with a glee.


Google route - actual

Start address: Jalan Bangi
1. Head southwest on Jalan Bangi toward Jalan Tun Ismail Ali - 2.1 km
2. Turn right at Jalan Teras - 1.1 km

3. Continue on Jalan Teras Jernang - 1.5 km

4. Turn left at Persiaran Pusat Bandar 1 - 0.5 km
5. Turn left at Jalan Ayer Itam - 0.4 km
6. Continue on Jalan Ayer Hitam - 0.8 km
Arrive at: Jalan Ayer Hitam
7. Head southwest on Jalan Ayer Hitam - 37 m
8. Take the exit toward Jalan Sungai Merab - 0.2 km

9. Turn left at Jalan Sungai Merab - 6.3 km

10. Take the ramp onto Persiaran Selatan - 7.2 km

Arrive at: Persiaran Selatan

11. Head west toward Pintasan Dengkil By Pass - 0.6 km

12. Merge onto Pintasan Dengkil By Pass - 0.3 km

13. Slight left toward Jalan Kajang - Dengkil - 4.0 km

14. Turn left at Jalan Kajang - Dengkil - 75 m

Arrive at: Pekan Dengkil Dengkil, Selangor, Malaysia

15. Head southeast on Jalan Kajang - Dengkil toward Jalan 1 - 1.6 km

Arrive at: Jalan Kajang - Dengkil

16. Head northeast on Jalan Kajang - Dengkil toward Pintasan Dengkil By Pass - 57 m

17. Turn right at Pintasan Dengkil By Pass Destination will be on the left - 6.1 km

Arrive at: Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi

No, we didn't not proceed to Nilai nor Bukit Mahkota. In actual fact, we took a left turn & raced up the De Palma Hotel hill
. The rest was history...

Sorry people. I will not be ridin for 2 weekends - 17 & 24 May 2009. I'm off to Kuala Kubu Baru for a water rafting expedition. Whatdayya xpect? I'm a slave for adventure & an adrenaline junkie!!!

For rides on Sunday 17 & 24 May 2009, cell:
Sham Dewa: 019-3508896, Zack Graphic: 012-6558807 or Syarul Hulk: 019-2602422

is a Romany term meaning "I awake"

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