Wednesday, May 27, 2009

220509 Voyage into Darkness

Putrajaya Night Ride (PNR) with 3 PERS - Putrajaya Easy Riders

Man CIOCC, Pak Nawi, Fendi, Rizal, Woon & Aliff

Eight (8) days of non cycling tortured my soul. My mind was in a mess. Body quivered like junkie without his junk. I dream of the rattling chains, wind battling my silky cheeks & stubble chin.

Radioed Fendi from Section 2 Bandar Baru Bangi whom I stalked while he was ridin a few nites ago. He thought some fella was gonna mug him. A mugger donning a sarong?
Well the way I stopped him in da middle of da road abruptly was rather shocking for him. That's my bad habit.
I'll stop any cyclist juz to make friends.
98% are friendly, the rest are just too proud of themselves or they seem to think who the heck is this fella trying to be nice to me. "Mau pinjam duit ka?" or " Basikal aku mahal / Aku jenis berlagak / Buat apa berhenti, mamat tu basikal chokia je, aku tak join la..." That's another issue...

There we were, Pak Nawi, Aliff, Rizal, Fendi, Mr Woon & me, 6 of us in our regular cycling gear. As we waited for more riders, then came along the sarong clad Col. Azaudin with his usual broad grin & thick northern accent. "Sorilah, I tak bulih kayuh, isok nak pi umrah".
Here's the chance for me to strut my long lost Penang twang, I replied "Ha!!! Ya ka? Nanti tulong saya beli ikan mengkaghung..." Ikan Mengkaghung/Salamander/Lizard like (link) is a virility tonic supposedly thumbs up in enhancing your libido!

Somewhat similar to the famous "Dhab / Dhob"
(Uromastyx aegyptius), it's smaller in appearance. I dunno why we Malays call it "Ikan / fish". It looks like no fish to me. Kind of fishy eh? Looked more like a house "Cicak" to me.
Salamander - Small lizard like amphibians of the order Caudata, having porous scaleless skin and four, often weak or rudimentary legs.

The last time I asked my neighbour to buy it from the Arabian Kingdom, the bus load laughed their hearts out. "Wah! Tuan Aji, Tua - tua ni pun nak menerkam lagi!!!" I'll go look into my freezer now. Tonite is a good nite to get stiff...

Lats talk about this newbie Fendi. For a rookie, not too bad for his maiden ride. No doubt he was sweating like it's rainin' meows & woff-woff. Since Aliff took lead as the El Capitan, half of the time my brain couldn't compute where the hell she was takin' us. she was really taken us for a ride, literally...

All I know was after about 10 kilos into the this highway, we popped into a road that lead us to Cyberjaya I think.
Oh damn, the route was Pitch Black (Saw the movie? Vin Diesel...Chronicles of Riddick? Ring a bell? Ring a ding? Well Pitch Black was the first installment. If you saw The Chronicles yo must see Pitch Black, then you'll know why his eyes are kind off scary. I'm a sci-fi buff. I saw it more than 10 times. I luv the movie right down to their costume design. Reminds me of Dune. Futuristic & fantastic stuff.)

It was dark as hell alright. Lucky for us, the road is devoid of any petrol machines.
Pak Nawi kept close to Fendi, we don't wanna get u lost in this Putrajaya maze. Leading the pack now was Mr. Woon & Rizal the single speeder. He rode a proper racing bike today. Somehow Mr. Woon got separated at a fork so we proceeded straight towards PICC. It such a majestic view where we opted for a photo shot, yet again.

Da route

To PERs, thanks for the ghastly ride.


Berisman said...

Very nive video!
I love to ride there again.Btw,I can't you at the coming PCM because I have to attend a wedding dinner.
See you next time

--Pak Adib

Man CIOCC said...

Ya Pak Adib,

Video disco...
It was great riding with PERs. I'll do it again sometime. Thanks.

Aliff said...

Abang Man,
Ha!ha! baru kali pertama saya dengaq "ikan mengkharung".

We PERS cycle in Putrajaya macam cycle dalam kampunglah. Gelap ka, sunyi ka, tak kisah janji lampu blinking ada, lampu suluh depan ada :P.

Nice riding with you:)30km jugaklah!

Man CIOCC said...

Ya Aliff,
Isok bila dah apat "Ikan Mengkaghung", pasti saya akan "MENGAYUH" lebih kuat!

Keh, keh, keh...

ahmad zulhilmi said... ni...mau join boleh?

ahmad zulhilmi said...

ok terima kasih abg man..jasamu dikenang...hari tu yg abg man bg no tel. trus sy call dan sempat lah sy berbasikal..terima kasih abg man..