Monday, June 1, 2009

17 & 240509 Rumble & Tumble in d' Jungle

Rafting down Sungai Slim & Sungai Selangor

Sg Slim has a lot to offer. First, the bus ride to Kampung Ulu Slim through a whacked snake route was finally greeted with lush full greenery plus a huge hot spring. Before going ahead with a body wrenching workout, always start off with a stretching session. By now the smell of fresh air has made us neurotic & over excited.
Like a heard of cattle, we were ushered into some beaten-up lorry & 4WDs. Felt like a goat being transferred to the slaughter house. 8km of red clay & tiny streams, we pass by ravines that can swallow a whole house. The Daytona Speedway like driver manoeuvred the muddy tracks flawlessly. It seems he can negotiate the back roads with his eyes shut!

After the much diesel smelling-smoke belching-vomit enticing & bone rattling ride, we were then introduced to Mr. Pie of PieRose SwiftWater. He briefed us on safety & precautions & to FOLLOW ORDERS by the guides. Funny but serious if I may put it; he is one hellova experienced bloke - surrounded by us, an army of inexperienced trill seekers. Hand in hand we had to skim & wade 50 meters through pebbles & rocks in full gear to reach the river down below. Then, one by one we were released into the waiting raft.

"Like a pied-piper he led us to the doom. Oh see the river it looms. Never a day is a gloom".

The first leg wasn't too bad, 2 minutes into the river; we were immediately greeted with a grade 3 rapid. H2O slapping all over you. That made us crave for more.
She looks docile but don't be deceived & judge the book by it's cover. If you have tried water-rafting in Gopeng, that's nothing compared to this 5.5 km river that will kill you - or not the boulders & rock walls will. It may look slim & shallow but she's certainly one swift lady.

As the photographer in the line of fire/water proper, ha-ha...I was entrusted to capture the details, conflicts & struggles of the raft occupants. Being half horses half human, does have some advantages. I'll stop at nothing. With a SLR in my left hand & a point n shoot underwater camera I was in control of the situation. After the 2 km of rolling & tumbling, I bobbled up & down. At times getting thrown out of the raft.
Submerged - not knowing if it is top or bottom, left or right, north nor south & had a fair share of river water for my tummy. For the river is like a croc waiting to eat, twist, trash & spit you out. Respect!

The view was awe inspiring. Not a single gas guzzler or ozone spoiler. Only sounds of the gushing rapids, birds chirping happily, cicadas parading their remarkable acoustic talents &
millipedes shuffling silently through the undergrowth. We streamed through thick jungle & no mans land. An eeriness feeling engulfs our minds. The serenity eases you & you let you put your worldly problems behind, erased by the intrepid ataraxis.

By now the growling belly is getting hard to ignore. The cold water had drained all fluids & burned all the fried rice, sausages & cakes we had for breakfast. We tucked in with a handful of apples & oatmeal bars courtesy of PieRose &
floated aimlessly for a breather not knowing what mayhem is in store for us at the next point.

Jeram Kotak (Box Falls) - You stop for 10 minutes. Tighten your gear & tighten your soul. Pale faces will strikes fear even to the brave hearted. What seems beyond eternity will greet you with uncertainty.
The gush will drag you into kingdom come as you tumble & rumble in the jungle. You'll scream & cry, paddled furiously, but words could not express the adrenaline rush. The sense of relief & satisfaction going through the harrowing experience. You'll then shout with delight as others applauds you, drowning the crickets noise making. For the fall is like a bottomless pit. You'll get the feeling like you're gonna be boxed by the boulder as you rush down the ravaging rapids.

Sungai Selangor, Kuala Kubu Baru. It's a different animal altogether. Even though it promises a challenging experience, you can never expect things to go your way when you dare Mother Nature. 7.5 km of
M B & D (Mad Bad & Dangerous). But... the guides are an experienced lot. With their ivory smile & sun basked skin, once they take you under their wing, you'll worry the least.

To the "Original Sons of the Soil", this is their playground.
"Paddle-up, over-left, over-right, all-forward, sit-in" they'll guide you. What we seem to understand is, it's more like asking us "Hold on to your dear life!". The trick is to listen-up & follow their shouts, you're in safe hands.

After all the melee & thrown about like a rag doll into the fizzy bubbled water for 4 bruising hours, we come to the end of the journey. Relieved & sad was the feeling. Relieved because we were still alive after the bruising adventure.
Sad because we had to leave the placidity feeling behind. The absence of mental stress touches our hearts & souls.

We to bid adieu to Sungai Slim & Sungai Selangor for their wonderful hospitality & tranquility.

Half Horse Half Human


shuk~ dan eton said...

gambar ikan + pendayung + orang tu... power ah...


Azam said...

mak aih, NGERInya tgk video tuh. kalau tertonggeng menangis laa. tapi 'participants' nampak cam best jer, bila leh join?

Man CIOCC said...

Shuk & Eton,
Thanks for making PCM lively! Olympus underwater yg murah je tu.

Bukan nangis je, yg mintak ampun nak balik pun ada. Tertonggeng minum air sungai le...Tapi bila dah abis journey, semua nak kembali...enjoy giler!!!

bola2api said...

abg man, lu punya pics mmg best aa..

i suka yg ikan tu.. nak tergelak pun ada, sbb i ingatkan superimposed.. rupanya gambo betul

Shookcree said...

superb la Abg Man gambor ikan tu.. yg lain pun best gak.. nak itot...