Monday, September 28, 2009

270909 Putrajaya & Lakeside

"I'm too tired"
"I just got back from kampong"
"I went rowing 3 rounds last nite"

Excuses, excuses, excuses.

Can't do this & can't do that
Givin lies like the road is wet
Eyes wide shut hangin like a stuffed bat
Ravaging the trash you bloody rat
Oh coz my belly's gettin fat
What's so difficult? & you say not yet
All I ask ask to do is to work out a sweat
Since you gave me tits, I'll reply with a tat
You aint nobody but just a pet
All of the time since the nite we met
Shaggin by the sea till late sunset
No gigolo or gigolorette
As you aint deserve no pat
I'll smack ya ass fetishly with a bat
Jiggling uncontrollably since it's full of fat
Not fit for a doctor but more of a vet
& lick your wound like a darn cat
Only thing you need that's what you get
I proves nothing I bet
For those who resisted the devil, I take off my hat.

Cikgu said,
Must ride, it's been a month & a week of gluttony, whacking all those fattening food. The belly seems to be bloating forward. Veins twirled like a chameleon, blood jumping up sky high. Sugar has turned to almost as sweet as honey. As I rode around Melawati Hill, a ghost friend greeted... "Hoooooo Rayaaaalaaaaa Day, javanese tamarind member..." Today's ride was cancelled prematurely as Queen Hang Li Po invited us for raya. Whatever, next week we must ride more.......

*Warning:- Direct translation, read at your own risk.
If you don't know what the heck it's all about, don't bother.

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ahmad zulhilmi said...

cool la gmbar bang...hehe..bila mau kayuh lg, imform la..ok