Tuesday, September 29, 2009

29-300906 Braving the Putrajaya Rain

We rode to around Putrajaya, the usual route & sped pass Alamanda to PICC. The gust was so strong that she nearly blew me off my donkey / CIOCC. For a frail guy like me, the gale could have flown me like a kite without much might. Flags fluttered to tatters. Oh so what a windy nite.

Adik Kamarul & Adik Amin was kind enuff to tag along this ol' man for a spin. It drizzled quite a bit but brushed off any thoughts of returnin. We spun around aimlessly till about 2am till without any warnin, big drops of heavenly water nearly flushed us off the tarmac with such din.

Stopped by a Tommy Yam restaurant & begged for some plastic bags. Yeah, we forgot the water-proof zipper pouch you fag. Don't wanna ruin my cheapo digicam. Raced home to BB Bangi totally drenched ma'am. Wait! Kamarul gotta ride home alone to Sg. Jeluk. "Gimme 5 minutes" me said. I was gonna drive him back but being young, crazy & not afraid, he decided to brave the rain with Amin, go go loony boy ahead.

So me drove me car from behind watching their helmets bobbing up & down, not bothered with pack of dogs nor cats. Not even a flock of bats. Dontcha frown, they aint gonna drown.

Oh it really poured that nite, coz it rained like a dog fight,
the wind was showing her might, blowing us away like a cordless kite,
Kamarul got home safely all right, & now alone at 4 am Amin gotta ride,
coz some cyclist aint so bright, ridin in the middle of the mornin light,
& got some fellas a fright.

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