Saturday, November 21, 2009

221109 Tomorrow > HOA to Genting Sempah & Janda Baik

Mak Janda is calling...SOS my love. The last time in 8th. March 2009 she took us with open arms. Tomorrow we're gonna go for a hellova ride. Watch out Mak Janda. Here we cum!

*From HKL Jalan Pahang to Orang Asli Centre (OAC)/Hospital, Gombak directional map.
Call me if you're lost: 019-385 1723

Set up: 7:00am.
ETD: 7:30am sharp!
*We are leavin home at 5am, Subuh prayers in Masjid Gombak.

Cycling Directions >
OAC/Hospital, Jalan Gombak - Genting Sempah - Janda Baik

Start at: Orang Asli Centre (OAC)/Hospital, Jalan Gombak
1. Head north on Jalan Gombak toward Route 68 - 15.5 km

2. Head north on Route 68 Go through 1 roundabout - 1.4 km

Arrive at: Route 68 - Genting Sempah

3. Head northeast on Route 68 - 3.3 km

4. Slight right - 1.3 km

5. Turn right - 6.6 km

6. Turn left - 2.0 km
Arrive at: Kampung Janda Baik Bentong, Pahang

7. Head northeast toward Jalan Damai 3 - 2.5 km

8. Continue straight onto Jalan Damai 3 - 3.1 km

9. Turn right - 2.3 km

10. Turn left toward Route 68 - 1.3 km

11. Slight left at Route 68 - Genting Sempah.
Go through 1 roundabout - 4.7 km
Turn left at Jalan Gombak Destination will be on the right - 15.5 km

Arrive at: Orang Asli Centre
(OAC)/Hospital, Jalan Gombak

View = Superb
Total ride distance = 60km.

Terrain = Very very very hilly & some minor rolling terrain.
*Might be too tough for some, have a solid breakfast but not too heavy.
*Bring along a tube of CoolGel for cramps.
*To avoid cramps, have a teaspoon of Apple Vinegar.

Route via Google


C U There...

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