Monday, November 23, 2009

221109 Mak Janda called - The Strong, The Sick & The Senseless.

Orang Asli Centre (HOA), Gombak - Janda Baik

Isham Daewa war noch in einem sarong gekleidet.
Und die luft war so cool ... als jemand, der klimaanlage upped zu voll.

Ayie Boy, Hans, Wak Jali, Baby & ein kerl führen sie die packung mit 32kmh ein blasenbildung an einem gewissen punkt. Damn, 3 km bis zum gipfel, me & Ayie waren außer atem. Was für ein versager. Dies ist keine rasse, die du dumm.

Isham Daewa was still clad in a sarong & the air was so someone upped the air conditioning to full.

Ayie Boy, Hans, Wak Jali, Baby & one bloke lead the pack with a blistering 32kmh at some point. Damn, 3 km to the peak, me & Ayie were out of breath. What a dud. This is not a race you dumbo.

Took me & Shuk 42min to the top of the climb. Much, much batter than the last. Isham Daewa was feelin great today even thought is his first without the triple crank. He made it slightly over an hour & broke his previous record which he made in Kolkatta. It was also smiles for Sam. Not bad for his first try here.

Andak's place was a sight to behold. We sort of gobbled-up anything on sight. The glutinous rice & salted fish was too tempting to pass. We had it too much I think. The "Sambal Sotong" took it's toll. We're burping spices & chilies 4km down Janda Baik.

me, Azli, Sam, Isham Daewa, Herr Hans, Suhaimi PPZ,
Ayie Boy, Baby, Shuk, Pak Wahab, Rahman, Wak Jali & my twin.

The 2 minor hills tested our will power, but it wasn't a problem with En. Wahab. With his youthful appearance, this 64 year old attributed his gusto to his simple food intake. What's your secret for longevity & strength? = A glass of "Ketum" juice a day keeps the doctor away!

Pak Wahab from Sentul

The climb from McD genting Sempah wasn't so bad this time. Took my own sweet precious time. The 1st. climb was all right. Trailed behind one MTB guy, then Suhaimi & Rahman followed suit. We were bracing for the 2nd. stage which we know it's gonna test our riding powers. The MTB bloke was spinning even faster, too fast probably. That's when I overtook him. I could hear Rahman grunting & puffing down my back. I just kept my composure & pedaled on.

No wonder Suhaimi daydreams a lot, he had too much of "Buah Berangan".
The nite before the ride, he dreamt about the beautiful "Mak Janda".

During the roll-down to HOA, a rumbling sound disturbed my concentration, Thought is was a big backhoe but no, it was a Porsche Carrera 4S. What a show-off. So wicked and detestable as he deserve to be cursed, I said to myself. The road was slippery at its best. I'm so speed junkie so I let the speed demon pass.

What a twat. As I was left behind the road runners, I could see the bugger trailing behind Rahman & barked at him. While revving his Porsche, this moron snarled behind us as if it's his grandfather’s road. No knowing he was heading for his doom. Not long after that, to my surprised Isham, Rahman, Suhaimi stopped abruptly by the grassy curb. Before I could open my mouth, I heard a howl by the shallow ravine. Thinking that Wak Jali has lost his balance & crashed into the woods, I kind off panicked.
The scene was pretty ugly. I got dumb with astonishment. Then came out a dazed looking pale faced white dude. After harassing & overtaking Rahman he apperently lost control at a corner & flew over the cuckoo nest. Amazed. I was Voxless, my mouth wide open, saliva drooling. The devil in me was smirking. Keh Keh Keh...

The dull-witted idiot was clamoring out of the car with red fiery ants swarming all over him. No, I didn't feel sorry for this fella. In a matter of fact - I FELT GREAT! What an ending for a despicable imbecile. This unworthy scumbag deserves no mercy & yet he's got the cheek to ask us to be part of his scam - to say that he avoided us cyclist & crashed. Hey you MOTHER F**KER. You can go & fly kites - go take a leap - go jump in the lake. Dumb luck, you skidded coz you’re a damn lousy driver!
He was saying how the hell he's gonna tell his wife. He is F**KED like 30 times or so. Yes moron, You're definitely F**KED & SCREWED! You're scared of your wife too? Ha ha! Cut-off your dick & feed it to the dogs.

The car jumped over the big ditch & landed in the woods. He missed the deep ravine by a mere 10 feet, or not he'll be on the late news. Isham was too kind, he was calming the bloke. I was shouting lets get the F**K outta here. Good riddance! Serves you right! That's one thing I can't stand is people who can't respect cyclist. To hell with you!!! Gimme an M, gimme an O, gimme an R, gimme an O, gimme an N = MORON !!!
A person with no sense of propriety, decency or discretion deserves no respect.

This cuckoo flew his car over the bird's nest. Don't get confused with the novel & movie - "One flew over the cuckoo nest".

Gusto = Enthusiasm, energy or "I like much." The phrase is commonly used to mean, "Pleased to meet you," or "The pleasure is mine," when being introduced to someone.
Twat, dumbass, idiot, foolish or crazy person, moron, cuckoo, dull-witted, lacking in sense = STUPID !!!

Bang kayuh bang, Bersama ke pasar minggu
Bang kayuh bang, Kita beli beskal baru
Ramai orang, Berduyun mencari cari
Pilihannya untuk, Perlu hari hari
Aku ingin pilih jersey, Berwarna biru
Untuk ku riding nanti, Dihari minggu
Abang pilih saja jersey, Berwarna cerah
Agar abang sentiasa, Dipandang muda
Bang awas bang, Jangan suka main janda
Bang cepat bang, Pilih saja abang suka
Jangan sampai kita, Banyak buang masa
Yang dicari, Belum lagi kita jumpa

Sing it in german,

Bruder zyklus bruder, zusammen, um den sonntag markt
Bruder zyklus buder, Wir gehen und kaufen ein neues fahrrad
Viele menschen auf der suche
Die wahl für den täglichen gebrauch
Ich bin der Wahl für ein blaues trikot
für mich zu reiten an einem wochenende
Bruder wählen sie bitte die hellen trikot
So werden sie immer jung aussehen
Bruder hüten bruder, Spiel nicht mit einer witwe
Bruder schnell bruder, Wählen Sie die aus, wie
Nicht, bis wir zu viel von unserer zeit verschwendet
Wir haben noch nicht gefunden, was wir gesucht haben.

Song: "Bang Ayuh Bang", Artist: Julie Remie


shuk~ dan eton said...

Mak Jan memang tidak pernah menghampakan...

Even burping spices & chilies all the way up climbing genting sempah, its worth the burp. Oo Nasi Lemak Sambal Ijau.

p/s: tak snap gamba porsh masuk semak?..

Man CIOCC said...

Salam, tengok video Shuk. Ada towards the end...

MHA said... la abg man tgk geng2 cycling.hanafy cimb

apai said...


timurbarat said...

pagi-pagi kayuh basikal
singgah sebentar makan nasi lemak
sapa suruh tunjuk lagak
kan dah masuk semak. hehehehe

VersedAnggerik said...

Salam En. Man,

there will be a Monsoon Ride on the 27th December in Kuantan. Are U and your gang instrested in participating?

Ada dua kategori, offroad and on road.

Details U can get from my blog! Do come join us...