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010110 Malakoff Interstate Fellowship Ride

I nearly missed the New Year ride. My friend's dog eating boss wouldn't let him off for the Penang trip. What a dork. You are what you eat.

We were supposed to shoot-off to Penang after lunch but I had to hitch a ride with my neighbor’s kid to "Seberang/Butterworth". Luckyly I met the family in at the market during breakfast. I'll gladly pay for the petrol & toll to the amusement of his mom.

"Love thy neighbor" saved me. I went around like a headless chicken looking for transport. "Last minit, mana mau cari?" Have a friend in BP (Bukit Pelandok) who can give me a lift on his lorry for free but on 2nd thoughts, I might not be able to "Endure/Tahan the smell" throughout the 4-5 hours journey. Thank you but no thank you. Phew!
Stuffed & slanted the Scott in to the rear seat & wrapped the wheel set in the boot. Just enough space for me to lay my ass & rest my head by the fork. These two kids were busy blabbering away as I dozed of for a cat nap. I'm just not accustomed to sitting at the back of a vehicle. A hump woke me from slumber. "Oit we're here Uncle Man". My cousin Kamarul the bodybuilder was already waiting by the Penang Bridge.
First thing that struck my mind was to go wallop a plate of Nasik Kandaq. Lotta carbo for 2morrow's ride. Tired after the long journey, I opt for Nasi Kandar Deen in Jelutong - just 10 min's away from my mom's pod. Typical me, 3 ladies fingers, 1 boiled egg & a piece of meat topped with a generous amount of curry & gravy. That's the real old skool Nasi Kandar, no chicken or other nonsense. Hey dude, Nasi Kandar used to be eaten by the roadside.
Just couldn't sleep that nite. I was just too excited about the ride tomorrow. Hoped that a month of extra weight training will do some good. At least the route wouldn’t catch me by surprise.

Bro Sabri, me & Rizal

FB Pix - Pang Cheong

010110, what an auspicious date. We witnessed 750 cyclists crossing the awesome 13-km Pearl of the Orient Bridge into the island. The third lane of the bridge was cleared for riders to pass with a special permission from LLM. It was a nostalgic ride-up the Penang Bridge. Why? The last time I rode on it was with my 3 brothers’ way back in 1983. Saturday 3 August 1985 to be exact. It took another 24 years b4 realizing the dream again. Tears of joy rolled down my cheeks...drama. How come? See, the last time I rode on the Penang Bridge & around the island was 25 years ago.

Heard someone saying that we should take our own sweet time on it, as the chance will only come once a year. Of course, who would want to miss the opportunity for a shot on it after over two decades?!!!
Once across the bridge, me & Rizal caught up with Hsing Ling Chung, Vong Vong Vong & cruised pass Batu Uban, Bandar Bayan Baru with Hj. Rahim & Bahari KTM @ De La Loco.

1985 Penang Bridge opens for cyclists & pedestrians.

Next on the list was this this steep sucidal son of a b***h - what the f**k kind of a hill this is? Hoi! Can't another route to ride ah? Siow/Mad/Myre/Gila !

Gila! So steep at Jln Tun Sardon

FB Pix - Miow Chin

FB Pix - Miow Chin

FB Pix - Miow Chin

4 sets per session in the gym did the trick. I gobbled up the hill effortlessly - smiling from ear to ear. The 5.4km incline was absolutely horrendous. Quite a few were struggling even at the first climb, made worse by the sharp corner. Took a wider lap & it was a breeze, ha ha! I sat & stood up every 500m to get my rhythm going.
Even had time to take vids 3 photographers spotted me videotaping their antics. Zam Arjuna (In the longkang), Fairoz Zakaria & Pang Cheong Tuck. Miow Chin for the "Bike-pushers" pix too. Thanks guys.

Proud to say "I DID'NT WALK THE BIKE!" The extra kilos 3 times a week did the trick. Jalan Tun Sardon Hill which has been dubbed a killer stretch was murder. It will forever be etched in one's mind.

FB Pix - Firoz Zakaria

Khalib Surprise-surprised to see me

Smiling faces greeted us at the peak of Balik Pulau/Island's Behind with awe & astonishment. Malakoff stuffed us with bananas & H20. No wonder there were loud chatters & monkeying around. Just took a bottle & met up with Khalib & the regular guys form KL. Going down the bends was another story. One wrong judgment during downhill could turn into a drastic impact. Just as I started filming the descent, the unthinkable happened. I watched Bahari De La Loco crashed. Some newbie crossed the road like a dumb chicken & made a nuisance of him self at the expense of others.

Bahari swerved. Could have smashed his head but the helmet saved him. The SL wobbled wheel set will need some tooling later. Lucky for him, nothing else was broken-not even his spirit. Full of gusto for the rest of the trip. Being a hardy locomotive bloke, he pedaled on way ahead of a lotta riders. I caught him getting up after the impact on video. A week later he underwent an MRI & X-Ray test just to be sure.

Again, I & Rizal just strolled in the park. We don't wanna break our necks.

Superb view

The Balik Pulau route to Teluk Bahang was not short of beautiful but simply spectacular. Images of old kept flashing in my mind - well, it has always been on my mind. This day it arrived. I had retraced this beautiful route again. This time with the company of so many wonderful riders.

1983 Balik Pulau - Teluk Bahang

How can I not be nostalgic? I brought back tons of memories of my youth. Together with Ah Chuah & his single speed "Basikal Lap" We would do an anti-clockwise lap from our pod, Minden Heights - Gurney Drive - Teluk Bahang - Balik Pulau & back. Stopping by Gurney Drive to rendezvous with the other state riders & occasionally stopping for a cool dip at a waterfall in Batu Feringgi.

I fell twice. Once in Batu Feringghi where I rode & somersaulted against a hill while changing gears. (Last time where got STI one... When the gears got stuck I looked back & the wall kissed me). 2nd fall was after Gertak Sanggul. Whacked my head on the tarmac & a car bumper was inches away. Everything came flooding back into my mind. I was extremely happy & smiled from ear to ear throughout the ride. No less than 5 times I told my tale to any bloke who was riding beside me.

There was this gentle incline along the Balik Pulau - Teluk Bahang road, No pressure Azman & stopped for snap by the Titi Kerawang signage. Being a "Cam-Whore" (Aini "Balls of Fire" said), I couldn't resist the temptation. While many were clinging to cars, vans & other means, I was coolly rolling to Teluk Bahang. Sucking up the atmosphere.

Macam Pro-Tour pulak!

FB Pix - Zam Arjuna

HHOONNK!! HHONNKK!!HHONNKK!!HHONNKK!!HHONNKK!!HHONK…, rang my hand phone as I rode under a canopy of the "King of fruits/Durian" trees. Aini got a baby - 9:55am.

Baby Fairuz

FB Pix - Elaine Wong

Passed by Elaine dressed in green, green bike & all with her "Green Message" & made friends with Kenny from Bukit Mertajam who was also in total redness from head to toe to the bike. VS. this ol' man in all white attire. Holy rider dude! Being rather "Holy" I slipped in all white. "Looks like a pro" Hsing Ling Chung said in FB.

Oh Damn, what a beautiful Dam.

3 "Hantu Raya" & Rizal

Regrouped again in Teluk Bahang Dam. Some fella was commenting on how effortlessly I conquered the hills. If you have 2 "Hatu Raya" pushing from behind, you need not pedal.

FB Pix - Zam Arjuna

After more & more & more poses ala Model of the Year, the pace got furious. Jeez, we doin' like 35-40kph! Well, 20km more to go...speeding lah!

We celebrated too early. Right at the Tanjung Bungah cross junction, we were routed to the right. Whoa, we thought Balik Pulau - Teluk Bahang was the last climb. Now we had to do the Jln Lembah Permai / Jln Fettes / Mount Eskine climb all jammed up with the maddening Penang traffic crawl. Jln Lembah Permai / Jln Fettes / Mount Eskine have a dark story of its own.

A factory girl, (We call them "Minah Karan" in the old days) was murdered here. Her spirit would prowl this dark road & hitch a ride on your motorbike. Yikes!

She will then torment, haunt you for the rest of your lives & will invite you to for a game called Spirit of the Coin.

All I know, I & Rizal was among the early riders who reached Tmn Belia. An accomplishment for a 44 year old man with 4 kids.

TV3 Wahid Scenario VS Azman "RTM" jersey

Got was a bottle that looked like an oversized dildo.

FB Pix - Pang Cheong

Thanked the CEO, En. Ahmad Jauhari for the well thought programme & spoke a length about Aini's great job.

Ring a dick - 019-385 ****

Thank you again Aini Malakoff, KOTRT, a non-profit group of aficionado cyclists based in Penang & riders that I have befriended....What an invigorated & nostalgic ride. I just can't believe it, I rode Penang again - 25 years later!


Google Route: Juru Auto City - Penang Bridge - Tun Sardon Highway (Never Say Die, If Die - Die lah...) - Balik Pulau - Teluk Bahang (Shiok Giler!) - Batu Feringghi (Buy DVD) - Mount Eskine - Youth Park (Finito!)

Late afternoon - Bubuh / Balaih / Cekik / Makan Time

Repeated the same menu again at Restoran Deen. Wan, Ah Chuah, Apai, Daoh, Rizal & wife had to Q for the food, with some funeral procession on the go. I played the drums during my SXI school days. Moonlighted quite a number of times for some extra cash. Pro sessionist at a funeral palour!!!

2 "Dagin" & 2 "Bendi" = RM4, Slyruppp...

Rizal, Apai, Daoh, Ah Chuah, Wan & me

After wallopping, Apai even "Tapaued" some caviar in curry for his missus. I went ahead with Ah Chuah for another plate of the best "Mee Rebus PATA" at a food court beside Fort Cornwallis.

Ah Chuah - A true Malaysian, he could converse damn fluent in Bahasa Melayu, Hokkien & TAMIL! Ayoyo amma...

Google route to Deen Nasi Kandar

Happy Makaning!

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