Sunday, January 17, 2010

09-160110 A Chip of The Old Block

090110, 30km Around Bandar Baru Bangi

A chip of the old block - A person that derives from their parentage.

Like Junior Like Daddy - Clones that derives from their masters.

Arief Zain Azman, this young man is 15 years of age & taller than his dad. Eats like a horse. Form 3 this year & what a year to get him exposed to cycling. No, no, no, I'm not gonna burden him with training during these crucial time. As far as I'm concerned, studies comes first.

But a healthy body breeds a healthy mind.

A man this age needs a father figure, needs a friend who he can relate too. I don't wanna him "Lepakking" around the supermarts unnecessarily. Got him a bike 2 years ago & now has outgrown it. It's ok my son, when I was your age, all I got was a flowery girlie mini bike (Which I later modified it into a laid back chopper after days of toil, which later got stolen, damn!). Remembered vividly the bike was half blue half yellow and named it "Spitfire". Every 3 months, papa removed all the bearings & regreased the whole bike.

4 kids later I re modified again your kiddie bike into another chopper for your younger brother Amier Zain, another bike freak. The fork was from a thrown away MTB, monkey-bar from Samy RM16, RM140 alloy rims, fat tyres for the back wheel & slim-cut for the front.

Remembered asking Amier if he wanted a regular "Jipang" but decided that papa build him a custom bike to be different. Amier kept bugging me for weeks. When the project came thru, Amier was beaming with pride when all the other kids spotting you with the chopper, with jaws dropping with awe, as yours was totally out of this world. You were "The Look" at our housing estate.

Biking has always been in our family. Tok Papa rode a bike to Singapore & around the country after he got tired of horsing around with his pet horse your great grand daddy got him. He was an adventurer, a seafarer like your forefathers, the people of the sea.
160110, 50km Unikeb UKM-Putrajaya-Kpg. Limau Manis

me, Amin, Mr. Won, Wak Jali, Baby, Faizol, Arief, Zahar, Syarul Hulk, Farizal & my twin

This time Wak Jali brought along his junior, Baby. Baby have rode with us on numerous occasions & Baby being a young veteran, I expected you Arief, to learn one or two tips from him. Amin lead the pack with such ferocity & we hooked close like a box-car (carriages/railroad car) minus the belching locomotive smoke).

We crossed paths with the Cycling Addicts near PICC headed back to BBB, climbed Bkt. Limau Manis which got cursed by Syarul Hulk. Mr. Won, Baby & Arief raced to the top as we the oldies chatted happily ever after.

Arief's 30km around Bandar Baru Bangi &
50km from Unikeb UKM-Putrajaya-Kpg. Limau Manis

To my kids, remember papa as someone who is entirely different from the regular guys out here. Papa is unique, always with different with odd views. In school papa would change hairstyles every other day, as weird as it gets, even more as an assistant head prefect! Tok Daddy & Tok Mama would never understand until later. (Even your mummy gets confused with me occasionally).

Papa never really grew up, papa will forever be a boy, like you...

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