Monday, January 25, 2010

240110 Burning the Tarmac

F1 Track Sepang
Who said that only big bikes & ear piercing GP cars can race on the F1 track? Aha! You're wrong. For the Kencana-SIC Bikeathon roadies & kiddies were allowed to burn the tarmac which attracted more than 300 bikers from around the country. We even had rides from neighboring Singapura attending. It has evolved into a total bike event for both road racing and mountain bike alike.
The day started with the Criterium race in the morning where it was set against the normal flow of the circuit, counter clockwise. It seemed easy but it wasn't. Although the morning started with nice cool breeze, low temperatures & puffy clouds, the riders soon find out that the wind & scorching tar started to bake them on.
I’m glad I came because this really is a fun race, wide road, no cars & most of all the circuit features an ultra smooth surface to race on like a velodrome, but the turns, sudden changes in elevation and the weather brings a twist to the circuit race beyond one can imagine.
Cycling has definitely become so popular but more importantly Malaysia is already winning medals in world championships and that is something that we are all very proud of.Icing on the cake. I even had the chance to interview our local hero, Rizal Tisin who is currently the 1km TT (Time Trial) Asian Champion. Back after a broken foot.

me, Ash, Suhaimi PPZ, Suhaimi Betiztag & Al Bob

Hsing Ling Chung & Vong Vong Vong

Wak Jali on the starting block
Mr. Won, Joo Ngan & Pak Berahim, the "Otai" Club

A drone of clones

Wak Jali leading the pack,
trailed by Pak Berahim.

Rizal, Rizal Tisin, me, Suhaimi PPZ & Baby


won said...

Man, what a great photo of me! damm it! just standing beside Joo Ngan at the starting block and I did not know him. what a shame of me! i could have complete the race and would have a story to tell.

Man CIOCC said...

Mr. Won, I really thought u knew him. One of Malaysia's cycling legend. His Brother Joo Pong was a national cyclist too.

Me, Rizal & Amin ruled the track too.