Saturday, May 29, 2010

25 & 280510 Kpg Jijan & Just to Beranang

Took a day off just to get some mileage for the upcoming Malakoff Charity Ride 2010. Its just round the corner & I'm not what I am. I'll be damned if I don't do something 'bout it.

Tuesday, 250510 Cyc - Unikeb Salak LBJ Jijan

Who else can you count on, on a working day?
Brother John was available & he obliged for a spin through the regular route.
Nothin spectacular, just a white guy gettin blurred by 3 clones.

R you pening Bro. John? 3 clones messin you...

Cycling Directions Unikeb-Salak-LBJ-Jijan 62km

Friday 280510 Cyc - Unikeb Beranang

Some public holiday. Since Arief hasn't ridden with me for quite some time, helloed Fhami to join us.
Half past seven & still no sign of him at the rendezvous spot - Bangi Lama KTM station. Ahhhh... he sprang a leak. Me & me son spotted him huffing as he removed the inner tube within the thick tall grasses.

We left the pebbled riddled unmaintained road & headed towards Rinching Ulu thru Kampong 6 kaki
. Since it's a leisure roll, stopped by the deserted Beranang old town. Nested between the Beranang police station & school here lies the small nasi lemak stall.

Growls of buses makin u-turns to return back to KL dimmed our voxes but not loud enuff to match the rumbles of our tummy. We stuffed 2 packets each. Fhami even "Tapaued" 3 more packs for his other half.

This was supposed to be a recovery ride for the next distance Port Dickson trip.
Arief Zain - my son, didn't even blink, puff or huffed. It was just a stroll in the park for this young lad

Arief Zain - 15

A shadow of me is a reflection of my son

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