Monday, June 21, 2010

200610 Unikeb - Kpg Jijan

After the mêlée 2 days ago, me - self-proclaim Chief of the Clan decided to ride a much-much safer route this Sunday. I know, it's kinda boring rolling on the same route every other weekend but what choice do we have?

To just ride the Salak route has become somewhat of a "No big deal" kind of thing - No sweatlah, Kacang/peanuts - Close one eye also can know. It has just gotten too easy for us & for me in particular.

As time progressed, you'll get tougher & the minimum distance for the clan has risen from a meager 25km to an at least 70 - 130 km on a normal weekend.

Loved the minimal downhill from LBJ till Kampong Jijan. A smooth 35kph till we end up in the cross junction where we had a cuppa with Hulk's friend, humping his gleaming-virgin new bike.

me, Wak Jali, ,Bulek, Ijal, Norman, Baby, my "Hantu Raya" & Syarul Hulk


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