Monday, July 5, 2010

040710 Unikeb - Lenggeng

Cikgu Hisyam humping his new love, SOMEC

25 km dwn the road, Faris began to feel lethargic. No Power bar nor Ali's Cane/Tongkat Ali/Power Root could help. You can munch the whole trunk if you will but without enuff mileage, you'll suffer.

I'm sorry brother Faris. We didn't meant to kill you. No doubt the terrain got the better of you, you survived the ordeal. Be proud of that coz the Clan is proud of you!

In these parts, humans can be rather ingenious. Never knew that this guzzler could run on chlorophyll. As far as my brain-mass is concerned, only cows or other large domesticated ungulates could digest these greens. I was wrong.

me, Cikgu Hisyam, Faris, Rahman, Baby, Wak Jali & my reflection

Coffee shop reflection

Zoom-in of the reflection

Wak Jali had too much of Nasik Lemak Ikan Keli,
All Makchik could do was smile with a glee.
"Why r u guys tailing me?"
Coz we had too much as if it was free!

Never knew that after the "Mendom" shot, the sky got really "Mendung"/Cloudy. It wasn't just cloudy. It was as if the sky gonna crash on us at any moment.

We rolled on within the calamity,

Hoping that the darkness would go away
It clouded or minds as we hoped & pray
By the wind, it took us faraway
But who am I to say
Don't ever lead us astray
Coz we ain't gonna betray
Mere words are just hearsay,
that made my day.

Took a shelter beside a barn
Felt so cold as if we're without yarn

Unikeb-Kajang SILK-Semenyih-Lenggeng

Google route

Start at: Jalan Bangi

1. Head northeast on Jalan Bangi toward Persiaran Universiti - 1.4 km
2. Continue on Jalan Reko - 5.0 km
3. Turn left toward Lebuhraya Silk - 0.6 km
4. Slight left at Lebuhraya Silk - 2.8 km
5. Slight left to stay on Lebuhraya Silk - 0.7 km
6. Take the ramp to Jalan Semenyih - 0.4 km
7. Turn right at Jalan Semenyih - 4.8 km
8. Turn left to stay on Jalan Semenyih - 0.6 km
9. Turn left at B34 - 9.2 km
10. Continue on N34 - 6.9 km
11. Turn left to stay on N34 - 0.6 km

Arrive at: Lenggeng, Negeri Sembilan Malaysia

12. Head northwest on N34 - 0.6 km
13. Continue on N144 - 2.6 km

Arrive at: N144

14. Head west on N144 - 1.7 km
15. Turn left toward Jalan Sungai Jai - 1.8 km
16. Turn right at Jalan Sungai Jai - 1.4 km
17. Turn left to stay on Jalan Sungai Jai - 0.2 km
18. Turn left at Jalan Semenyih - 1.1 km
19. Turn right at Jalan Enam Kaki - 0.1 km

Arrive at: Jalan Enam Kaki

20. Head west on Jalan Enam Kaki - 3.3 km
21. Continue on B24 - 6.6 km
22. Turn left at B18 - 1.6 km
23. Turn left to stay on B18 - 2.2 km
24. Turn left to stay on B18 - 0.5 km

Arrive at: B18

25. Head west on B18 - 1.5 km
26. Continue on B17 - 4.6 km

Arrive at: Jalan Bangi

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