Saturday, September 4, 2010

20/270810 & 030910 Ramadhan Nite Rides

We did an adventurous ride every Friday nite after Tarawih at 11:00pm during Ramadhan. Started off from Mamak Double Trouble, Precinct 9 & for those who rode with us , it was full of surprises or not curses!

One weekend it rained cats & dogs but the all riders kept kool & humped up the Bukit Limau Manis in TOTAL DARKNESS! Repeated the route again for the 2nd & 3rd week - Made some crawl up the notorious incline!

Climbing Limau Manis Hill

Daoh had an itchy foot & Rizal had to follow suit!

The 29 souls

Fixie pixies doing their thingy.

Crawling up...or whatever you call it.

More stories, pix, routes & links here:- 1st / 2nd nite ride rides & the 3rd ride

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