Saturday, August 21, 2010

210801 Goodbye dinner with John

Time flies when you're havin fun.

6 months ago the clan got its first "Foreign" rider.
But this foreigner was more local than the locals that I've come across.

An adventurous man he is,

1) He's not afraid to wallop anything on the plate, let it be the king of fruits - durian or petai.
2) He'd scour the backwaters of Selangor without a blink.
3) He didn't care what people think of him or his preferences.
4) He's straightforward, practical & plain simple.

No fancy bikes nor flashy attire but he's one hellova rider. Barely two weeks after his feet got operated had he done the Port Dickson Triathlon.
Look at the scar.

I would remember this man - a gentleman who brought back some goodies for my kids while in San Francisco. - Great kiddies books for my little son & daughter. If not for some empty promises by certain quarters, he would have stayed here longer & teach more of us about tolerance, respect & diversity.
He made me rekindle old memories during the 70's while in Penang. I had an Amerasian neighbor - American white father & a Vietnamese mother.

We rode quite a bit with him & here are the pix of the clan's adventures together. Click on each title for the tales.

070310 Port Imperata Cylindrica

040310 Steaming Hot Cicada

210310 Labu, Underrated

110410 Hunchback of Notre Dame

190410 Spoinking Port Dickson

300410 Cyc PCM 2nd Bday

25 & 280510 Kpg Jijan & Just to Beranang

280710 "San Francisco" storybooks for my kids

300710 PCM for Ibrahim

Adios amigo - The clan shall miss you.

me, Arief, Baby, Md Nor, John, Zharin, Wak jali & my twin

Amerasian - A person of American and Asian descent, especially one whose mother is Asian and whose father is American. The word dates to the early 1950s and has been used primarily with reference to children fathered in Asia by American servicemen presence in East and Southeast Asia.

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goin to miss John John tales with you ( AA)