Monday, October 11, 2010

101010 BBB to Perez

We left Bandar Baru Bangi slightly after 7am & 7km down the road, the cellphone gave out an ear piercing noise - disrupting the frantic rhythm. Slowed down the cadence & heard Rizal howling that he shall rendezvous with the riders in Sg Tekala.
Half way up the Semenyih Dam, I noticed that he was rather slow than his usual self - citing that he had to do some "Servicing" before the ride. Need no explaining on that. I get excited & smirk with delight just thinking about the torture my friend is gonna endure. He doesn't know what he's gettin into.

Wak Jali & Baby tagged along but veered-off at the junction of Jalan Sg. Lalang/Semenyih Town. Auspicious day it is 101010. Too many wedding ceremonies to attend. Some couples happily rubbing one another belly buttons, we get all sweaty lining up for the oily-rice (Nasik Minyak). I'll leave them with their physical activity.

Many months later the stork will arrive with a bundle of joy.
Nephew No. 1 came into this world. A whooping baby boy.

Addean Hazriq Azril

Welcome Ashaari to the clan. This tennis player was so excited to ride with the clan & arrived so early that particular mornin. 1km to Sg. Tekala he smiled & said "I'm poofed, when are we gonna stop..."

We regrouped in Tekala where we caught a glimpse of a gal on a bike. But her riding style was particularly unique & attire so familiar. Who would ride on a big chain ring? Wendy would. She's training for the Ironman. They started off from Bt. 18 Ulu Langat & re looped the Tekala stretch & back. What a gusty couple. Admiral Alauddin tagged along on his trusty Toyota Corolla. perched on the roof was a simple touring bike. It's been a while since I met this two lovebirds. Wonder when I'll be able to join this simple folks for a road tour...

Admiral 60++ & Wendy 50++

It was no big deal riding up Semenyih Dam coz we had done it one too many times. Reminded Ashaari not to push too hard as we had 3/4 of the ride left. Kept him in sight & gave him support that he's doin OK.

Two Rahmans, Unidentical clones.

At the foothill of Perez a dozen or so cyclist congregated & oogled at one others bikes. Cyclist are normally a friendly bunch & this group acknowledge us upon arrival. One bloke even howled up my blogs nickname! There were some great old school bikes & some mean looking ones too.

With eyes almost popping out, some gasped when when they took noticed of a newbie who was part of the clan that rode all the way from Bandar Baru Bangi to Perez. As the chief of the clan, I invited them to scale the Perez peak but they gracefully obliged us to proceed first. 2 km up, I had to leave Ashaari behind & left him in the hands of Rahman UB.

Rahman EM looks stronger this time, fully prepared for the assault & made it with flying colours. Zaza partnered by Rahman Ujang Brava reached the peak with ease, smiling from ear to ear as one unknown rider grimaces & veered uncontrollably - legs quivering like jelly.

After 10 minutes Ashaari was still nowhere to be seen. my thoughts were thinking of a worst case scenario. Will he be eaten by the monkeys or gobbled up by the hills? I dropped down a kilo, waited up & a rider who was almost out of breath said that Ashaari is just right behind him. How many donkey years ago he isn't sure.
I looped down a second time & all of a sudden my cellphone vibrated. At this very moment, right at the second last corner of the peak, Ashaari stopped on his tracks. He lamented that he wasn't sure if he could make it as the end seems so vague & drank the whole two water bottles. 300 meters was all that's left for him to climb.
Made him tag me for a few meters & he struggled slightly but made it despite the torture. Alas! Hail to the new conqueror of Perez.

Sweat dripping thru his tongue like a thirsty puppy.

Like a drunken driver he veered from left to ride but he triumph!

me, Ashaari, Zaza, Rahman UB, Rizal, Rahman EM & my clone

The new champion!

Stop monkeying around cousins.

Undulating terrain didn't stop Asaari & Zaza. We regrouped in Sg. Tekala & wallop everything available. We had Sprayed Chicken/"Ayam Perchik" (Barbecued Chicken with thick coconut milk & gravy), rice with deep fried squid in chili & a pails of water.

I smiled watching these kids playing & havin fun. Oh how I missed those years but cycling has made me feel younger & returned my youthful spirit.

Jalan Reko - Semenyih - Tekala - Perez (Genting Peras)

Google route

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