Thursday, October 14, 2010

131010 THULE, BBB to Kpg Sg Kembong, Ulu Bangi

A wonderful friend gave me a used THULE car rack as I was looking for a bargain.

It came with ProRide, OutRide, FreeRide bike clamps, cobwebs minus the spiders & over a dozen wasp mud/Mud Dauber's nests lodged within the bars tubes! (Which scared the wits out of the THULE technicians)

At this current economic clamite, I can't affort spending 3K for these. For the new clamps, kit, lock & keys set me back at a total amount of RM880. Less than 1/3 of the actual costs! Without the aero bars of course. Aero no aero, I had saved a huge chunk of money.

We later took a short ride from BBB to Kpg. Sg. Kembong as Ashaari was bugging me for the pre-Penang ride. Arief was even more excited as this weekend will be his maiden ride outstation. I was extremely windy but what really bothered me was the smell of rotting rubbish that came along with it. We stopped for a pix under the LEKAS highway & headed back home. Nevertheless it was fun going through the back roads & kampong houses.

Ashaari - the so ever eager cyclist.

Arief & Ashaari

my twin, Arief, Ashaari & me

Warm sunset looms under the train tracks

BBB - Kpg Sg Kembong, Ulu Bangi

Google route

Mud Dauber or locally known as "Penyengat" - derived from the word "Sengat" = Sting, not to be confused with the lead singer from the 80's band, The Police.

Mud dauber (sometimes called "dirt dauber," "dirt digger," "dirt dobber," "dirt diver", or "mud wasp") is a name commonly applied to a number of wasps from either the family Sphecidae or Crabronidae that build their nests from mud.
Black-and-yellow mud-dauber build a simple, one-cell, urn-shaped nest that is attached to crevices, cracks, corners & sometimes THULE's bar tubes. Each nest contains one egg. Usually, they clump several nests together and plaster more mud over them.

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