Sunday, October 31, 2010

311010 Rodalink Putrajaya Grand Opening

On the dot I waited-up for the guys but all I could find was Rahman EM. We were supposed to ride to Nilai & do the 80km loop but then I remembered that Rodalink was doin a grand opening in Precinct 14 Putrajaya. I said let's go & everyone seems to agree.

Since it still too early for Rodalink to roll-up the rolling shutter, we decided unanimously to take the long way to Putrajaya via the hellish hills of Kampung Limau Manis.
Loads of cyclists were already at the gates of Rodalink upon our arrival. What luck. If we had gone to Nilai, we would have missed the free water bottles & bike jerseys. Arrived in the nick of time as the last 10 pieces were given away.

An old friend Hj. Mie of Tri-Paku

As the horns were blared signaling the Rodalink fun ride, we relinked with our usual clan members Rizal, Wak Jali, Baby, Syarul, Cikgu Hisyam & the usual recognizable faces. Tri-Paku led the noisy group around the beautiful scapes of Putrajaya. We did a 10km loop from Presint 14 & made a u turn @ the Jabatan Akauntan Negara - not forgettin a grouppo shot right in front of Perdana Putra.

Syarul caught-up with his long lost twin. The separation had made him bigger than his elder brother due to unchecked volume of bottle feeding.

Thank you Rodalink for the gifts, great discounts & friendly staff awaits you!
Rodalink Putrajaya No 22, Jalan Diplomatik Presint 15 Putrajaya.

People, check out Rodalink here.

Map: Unikeb-Kampung Limau Manis-Rodalink-Unikeb

Google route
Rodalink @ D&G points

ManCIOCC with his plastic pet giraffe.

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