Tuesday, November 9, 2010

071110 Broga Loop-Hole

Sum ol' frens & sum new ones. Big ones, small ones...

Pick a tush & ring d extensions...

We were really looking forward for the Broga loop ride as there will be hundreds of riders ridin side by side. Moreover, certain areas are kind of dull & devoid of anything but eerie sounds of cicadas mating.

Like a dark cloud of swarming angry bees, we took off with such frenzy to a point that most of the others were out of breath. To make matters worse, the Semenyih dam was waitin to kill-off anyone who tried to conquer it.
Most had to succumb to muscle cramps, unused to the terrain & unsure of the route.

The clan took the usual steps & brushed it aside. This route has been our staple for the last few months & it was no big deal to us. At the junction of Batu 18 & foothills of Perez, we noticed blocks of riders turning back & quite a number already clinging to dear life lumped into dirt trucks.

With d Ipoh clan

Clicked with a few riders from Ipoh & reached the peak of Perez hounded with helpers handing out bananas. Arief can’t help but take a few customary shots here for this is the first time that he rode around this area.

Arief, Ashaari, Rahman EM & me

Arief's 1st. climb @ Perez, he didn't even blink!

We gobbled as much as we can & rolled down the near empty landscape.
Since we had climbed much of Perez, the roll-down was swift with sharp & hidden corners.

This fella fell, but made it thru the hellish route. Respect babe!

Smell of raw rubber stenches the air as we swiftly pounded the straights of Kuala Kelawang towards Jelebu. By now there were less than thirty (30) riders that we crossed path. It kept me wondering how so many others disappeared into thin air.

Took a breather at a petrol kiosk & left some more behind us as we rode towards the killer hills of Jeram Toi/Bukit Tangga. A bloke overtook me but succumbed to the torturous hill ahead. I knew it was a long climb but Arief & Ashaari hopped like a wild bunny up the incline.
I was doin 10-8-7 & at time 6 kph per hour but I persevered as I knew I'm mentally strong enuff to withstand it. Rahman EM was breathing hard behind my back and seem ages to the top. Alas! We were greeted with ice showers & more bananas.

Ice cool shower @ the peak

Fortunately that was the last hill but we need another miracle to finish the last 30km or so. I was already on my reserve tank. We turned from Pantai towards Mendum, Arief's tyre blew apart. Luckily each of us carried spares.

"I get really pissed when riding with someone without spares. To me they have no respect for the other person".

Pulled off the tubes & bang! Out of nowhere Rahman Ujang Brava appeared. Apparently he trailed behind some hundreds of invisible finishers & caught up with us. He helped Arief with the tubes as some other whipped lcrooked like the road-sign lookin like a beaten snake. They clamored towards the almost never ending twist & turns that blurred our minds.

D beaten snake climb with Rahman Ujang Brava givin a hand to Arief.

One fella who trailed us was wobbling left to right. What a sight. I sniggered as he cursed the moon, the stars & all the planets in the universe. Sniggering? I was lamenting at the last 20km to finish. Fortunately Mendum Hill is easier climbed from the reversed. If you ride to Mendum from Lenggeng, you're hell doomed!

From Lenggeng onwards, gears were at the lightest - spinning at every mile. The strong wind wasn't much help either - it just made the ending more dreadful.
On a high note, I had neither cramps nor mishaps. I'm very proud of Arief to have achieved so much without much training. Kids, can’t expect to match tem eh?

When we arrived in Nottingham Univ, there we only a few souls around & some workers tearing down the flag-off arch. There were no more lunch & to add insult...all medals promised to the finishers of the loop were all gone! WTF?

Don't tell me after all the grueling hills & overtaking a few hundred other cyclists there were nothing & no one left? We paid our entries didn't we?

Where are the marshals who are supposed to do their job? In a race, if u made a u turn, your numbers will be marked or torn-off. If we can't professional about this, don't act like one please.

One girl @ a desk even had the cheek to say..."Finish lah, what to do".

I came to know later that those who took a U turn & hitched a ride on the sweeper lorries were given medals. Even heard those who illegally entered the race got it!


Some people would just go down so low, for a few measly bucks.
What a F***ed-up ending.

Broga loop race

Google route

Arief d young warrior with a "Borrowed medal"...enuff said

CIOCC bidding Chiao!

Meaning of tush - the fleshy part of the human body that you sit on. Your ass lah...

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