Tuesday, November 23, 2010

211110 HOA Gombak - Genting Sempah

Hospital Orang Asli (Orang Asli Centre), Gombak - Genting Sempah

Never over-row your boat beyond your ability a nite before a long hilly ride. I'll weaken your climb. Avoid allowing your partner to tickle you or you're just be looking for trouble. The Otai's like Wak Jali, Rahman, Rizal Single Speedo can vouch for that.

Ensure that you carbo-load humongously or you'll suffer like I did. Wak Jali, Baby, Dr. Taufiq & Sharul looped the Janda's trail. Instead of meeting-up with Mak Janda, I had to settle with some aunty in Genting Sempah.

Even 4 pieces of bread & 3 pieces of cheese couldn't help...

Me, Ashaari, Sungai, Baby, Wak Jali, Dr. Taufik, my clone & Shahrul

Route HOA-Janda Baik (The Janda's Trail)

Route via Google


Asahaari & Sungai got lost OTW to HOA & looped with me to Genting Sempah. Later, both of them left the car & rode home to Sg. Buloh. I had to leave my car too. Not becoz I wanna rode back to Bangi - hell no!

Took the wrong key & padlocked the Kancil. Unknowingly I had took the spares & left the original keys @ home! Damn & double damn. Lucky for me, Wak Jali & Baby was still around. After lunch, we stuffed three (3) bikes into his sports car (Sorry Baby, u had to squeeze yourself on the back seat all the way home).

River boy, Sungai

Ashaari, Sungai & Ashaari's twin

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