Tuesday, December 23, 2008

211208 Unikeb UKM - Bagan Lalang, The Ride

...bird is singing in the (hot) summer sky,
then (never) came the rain, once again...
a tear fell from a mother's eye...
"Blasphemous Rumors - Depeche Mode"

Fahmi "Hwa belom mari lagi?"
7:35 am & still we're looking at each others faces.
Nobody said nothing, so I said " We'd wait for Hwa"

I gazed to the oblivion,
Hot it was, at this juncture I was having 2nd thoughts
about the distance. Oh man, kalau tak tahan camna heh?
Zamroni insisted that we go ahead as planned.
Oh boy...someone gonna regret it...

Off we go at 8:00am, without anyone's knowledge
how unsure I was of the road ahead of us.
To say that we went off with a slow start is an understatement.
We were actually flying!

Hafiz started the wheel rolling with him leading
the pack with a good 5km. Sham Dewa poking him from the back
& overtaken by Acap the fast boy, with the sun casting a long & hard shadow.
More like we sort of breezed thru the first 15 km without much of a problem.
The pace was now somewhere between 25kph-29kph...not bad.

We race & pace each other, many time changing the lead.
Rhythmic endemic like a Kraftwerk's song -
"Etape" from their album TDF soundtrack.

True enough after the 4 km mark, right after the turning into the road that leads
to Dengkil from Jalan Bangi Lama, we were pushing a steady 30kph on the
s area until u come to the junction of Sg. Buah.

Sham Dewa seemed to be a cycle of trance. This bubbly ol fella,
2nd time time to Bagan Lalang, was full of vigour.

Upon turning into Jenderam with a slight incline we were still rolling at 25kph.
From here its' a slight uphill but manageable.
The last 2 km upon reaching De Palma Hotel,
Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi was challenging for a newbe.
The trick is never whack too early! As always,
for my 1st km I just maintained my velocity at 23kph
& slowly increasing the momentum
to a crunching 29kph at the last half a km.

Huh...I could barely 18kph here, 2 years ago.

Then it's whooshing time, downhill. Open up your wings & fly.
Plonk. to a cross junction which can lead u to KLIA.

Pekan Salak comes next, where u can catch a glimpse of
"minah2 kilang" lazing by the bus stop.
The road was chocked to the brim,
apparently the price goods in Salak is cheap.
We had to do some negotiating here,
not haggling over provisions but through a maze of cars,
missing my helmet by a mere 2 inches was a parked lorry,
its protruding rear nearly cost me my ear.

The terrain from here right up to Sg. Pelek is a mix of light, tight but alright.
2km into this small town, Zamroni lake a snap of a finger started attacking.
Boy, we still got a long way to go man, Cikgu Hisham decided to follow suit.
The dead cow by the road wanted me to stop & take it's pix but sorry mate,
you remain dead, I'll be back to catch u later. (Which me & Fahmi come to regret later)

12 km to Bagan Lalang is rather like an runaway, flat as a mat.
Wish some of our stomach is like that but someone's complaining the distance already
" Bila mau sampai ah?.." I just buat dunno.
A sense of accomplishment was in the air as we got fanatical cheers & screams from
"cyclenatics" girls in cars. Wah...got fan mah...

We conquered Sepang Goldcoast! Amin wallop a plateful of rice,
Hwa apparently didn't have any breakfast, no wonder the grimacing face.
4 cans of 100 plus, a plate of nasi lemak, a set of bread & eggs & half a plate of
fried noodles, half-half with Azman. U bela hantu raya ka!!??

An hour we "lepak", soaking the blissful view of Bagan Lalang beach,
plus young chicks across the other table. Posed again for another parting shot.

As we pushed beyond Bagan Lalang, the dead cow was never to be seen again.
(No 2nd thoughts pliz, next time stop & take a pix)
Didn't see no vultures around (not the tow truck operators lah)
Probably a tommy cat took it back for dinner. No point pondering over the dead cow.

35 more km, Hwa scared the s*** out of me. Crashed in my rear wheel!
Hope my wheels not bengkok, lucky for me, he cracked his outer shell...his helmet only.
Amin & Acap was right behind us & we trailed him all the way till De Palma, Salak Tinggi.
Despite the killer steep slope, he still manages to reach the top without a stop!
From there Azam, Fahmi & Hafiz was waiting,
so I let go of Hwa & sped down with Hafiz.
The others were nowhere to be seen. Amin & Cikgu Hisham gotta work at 3pm.

As Hafiz & me sped to a menacing 35kph we caught up with Azam who
made a remark about the excruciating heat, yeah...my collar is all red too.
Met up with Zamroni on the stretch until Hafiz wanted to pee.
I was left alone to pick up the pieces.
Past MINT & no one to do sprint I caught up with Cikgu Hisham all alone near Teras Jernang. Apperently Sham Dewa had to stop at the banana shop by the goat farm for a cuppa.

Hwa's legs were twitching, he's telling me he's never gonna do the 100 miler again.
That nite it self, "Shioklah!, 1st time saya buat 100km, saat-saat yang membanggakan!"
Sham Dewa "Takdo kojo, chagi kojo!"
Azam "Mission accomplished, first 100 km in the bag!"
Cikgu Hisham "This time, bukit De Palma saya tak tolak, Yahoo!"
Whatdidya tell u people, yes We Can. Of course We Can!

Thank you all
Amin Superstar, Boy Acap, Azam, Boy Hafiz, Cikgu Hisham, Zamroni
Isham Dewa, Mr Hwa & Fahmi
for the torturous 100km.
Go here for a different view from the canoe...

Moral of this ride "If it's beyond 7:30 am, say no to Bagan Lalang" enough said.

ETD: 8:00am Unikeb UKM - ETA: 9:45am Bagan Lalang = 1hr 45 min
Rest 1 hour
ETD: 10:45am Bagan Lalang - ETA: 12:45pm Unikeb UKM = 2 hrs
3 pcs oatmeal bread-210 kcal + 2 slices cheese-210 kcal + 1 cup MILO-200 kcal + 1 banana-72 kcal
2 slices white bread-130 kcal + 2 eggs-130 kcal + 1 cup MILO-200 kcal + 1/2 plate meehoon-85 kcal
Calories intake, Breakfast & Rest area = 1336 kcal
Calories Burned = 3703 kcal
Average Heartbeat = 154 BPM

How to get to Unikeb UKM Bangi From KL
Take the Sg Besi toll, exit Bangi.
After toll booth you'll c a roundabout, straight ahead 12 o' clock,

again another roundabout turn 3 o' clock Straight 1km there's a traffic lights
(You'll c the UKM entrance, DO NOT enter) - turn RIGHT instead.
Go ahead about 800 meters;
you'll c UNIKEB on yr left.
Park beside CIMB Bank under the shady trees.
(Believe me, you will not be sorry) No dough?

There's BSN, Mumallat & Bank Rakyat too. Abundant parking lots.
Toilets for free but you gotta bring yr own dailies.
B there by 7:00 am lah.
Gotta start early.
At least 7:30 am must roll-out.

Total about 100 km


Daoh Darko said...


anyway, congrates to everyone!
ride "well done". :)

panas ye bang? hehe!

Man CIOCC said...

Bukan panas lagi...tebakor!!!

Enche Bon said...

We missed you :)

Abg Man,
The ride memang best, the crew memang best, the cyclist groupie jerit2 pon best jugak (tengok dari jauh je la, hahaha)

Looking forward to the next ride.


apai said...


Azam said...

fuh, berjaya jugak habiskan 100km.
dr sg pelek to bagan lalang dpt drafting belakang amin superstar besh betul la, speed menten je 35kmh keatas. shiok ooo. on the way balik, last 10km tu kaki dah lembik dah, mcm nak cramp. apa lagi, simbah air la, drop gear & main cadence jer. bila dah sampai rasa happy ssssangat!
anyway ada 3 issues needs to be resolved:
1. kapla fenin! tak tahan panas. kena carik helem kaler cerah.
2. kaki kebas. kena carik kasut besau sket.
3. celah kangkang pedih. apsal aa?
anyway, good ride & great riders.
"Pain Is Pleasure!"

Man CIOCC said...

1. Fenin - Air kurang minum tu, takut terlebih kuar semalam...
2. Kaki kebas - Pakai stokin nipis / Strap jgn ketat sgt / As u said, cari 1 size bigger.
3. Kangkang pedih - Mula2 kawin, jalan pun tak betul? Sama lah. Blom seasoned n melecet lah tu. padding tights mesti bagus & tebal. Sapu Aloe-Vera gel.

2-3 ari lagi you'll feel the difference. Shiok!

Congratulations 2 all.
Tabik spring, Poinggggg...!

"Once you've tasted Pain then comes the Pleasure!"