Monday, December 22, 2008

201208 Brunch - Nasik Ayam Kak Lina, Seghomban, N9

I like Chinese style chicken rice.
U know the kind where they steamed & roast them soft?
Plus point, they're HALAL, the chef was a cook in a Chinese restaurant...people say
Today I must "cekik" lotta carb, 2 moro I'll be ridin a 100 kilos...

Grumbling at the jammed road & one rumbling stomach.
What is it with everybody? Can't the roads be clear on Saturday?
I wanna take my family to Seremban & gobble-up some famous chicken rice.

C'mon kids & momma, I can smell the roasted & steamed chicken waitin for us.
"Takyah smart2lah" I told my really vain 2nd son.
My "tulang rusuk" said we better use the KL-S'ban highway, it's faster.

That we did, but huh! lotta vehicles.
Then we have some entourage with an outrider wanting us to pull aside.
Ala bro, keta banyak, jalan lah, memekak je.
I just dunno whats up with these folks, we pay road tax & income tax la.

45 mins we're in Taman Bukit Ampangan, someone defaced the "Taman".
M'sians at the best! No joke, we're really good at doing that.
Kalu kasi pelingkup harta awam memang no. 1 !

Regardless of the signage, I can drive to this warung with my eyes closed.
Like a K9 sniffer, the scent of chicken roasting can lead me to the treasure...

Less than 5 min our order came, a huge plateful of roasted & steamed chicken,
"wetty-salty" kicap poured all over the flesh.
Like a school of piranha, the whole thing got devoured in 20 min!
Kerabu beansprouts, chili sauce made me order another round of rice.
As my eldest son Arief Zain, ended up finishing the remnants... as usual.
Kids at these ages, eats like a horse...

I come to notice a notice that Mr. Lan Ajaib the "tauke" put up lots of notices.
One in particular, "You'll see no flies on my chicken, for the secret , see me..."
Very2 true. I'm really surprised!

So if u wanna bring your family over to this sedap place, see the map.
*Dont forget to check-out the "chun waitress" there, that's a bonus.

Driving directions 1:
Seremban Toll - Tmn Bukit Ampangan/Tmn Bukit Margosa
Driving directions 2: Senawang Toll - Tmn Bukit Ampangan/Tmn Bukit Margosa

Start address: Seremban Toll
End address: Tmn Bukit Ampangan/Tmn Bukit Margosa

1. Exit S'ban Toll, Head northeast on Jalan SG Ujong toward Jalan Labu - 2.8 km
2. Slight left at Jalan Dato BDR Tunggal - 0.4 km
3. Turn right at Jalan Tunku Hassan - 0.6 km

4. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit - 0.3 km

5. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Jalan Tuan HJ Said - 0.9 km

6. Turn right at Jalan Dato Siamang Gagap - 0.7 km

7. Slight left onto the ramp to Jalan Ampangan - 18 m

8. Turn left at Jalan Ampangan - 0.9 km

9. Continue on Jalan Kuala Pilah - 1.9 km
Arrive at: Jalan Kuala Pilah
10. Head southeast on Jalan Kuala Pilah toward Jalan Paroi - Senawang - 1.8 km

11. Turn left at Persiaran Cengal - 77 m
(Tmn Bukit Ampangan/Tmn Bukit Margosa)


Start address: Senawang Toll

End address: Tmn Bukit Ampangan/Tmn Bukit Margosa

Lebuhraya Utara - Selatan
1. Head east on Lebuhraya Utara - Selatan 220 m
2. Take the exit 750 m
3. Continue straight 500 m
4. Continue straight onto Jalan Senawang 600 m
5. Jalan Senawang turns slightly left and becomes Persiaran Senawang 1 3.1 km
6. Head east on Persiaran Senawang 1 toward Jalan Sri Pagi 7 1.0 km
7. Continue onto Jalan Senawang 1.5 km
8. Slight left to merge onto Jalan Kuala Pilah 650 m
9. Turn right at Persiaran Cengal 77 m


azizan fixie said...

Teringat lak aku nak makan nasi ayam mancongkam kat jalan gombak...hmm..

Anonymous said...

easier route (I think):

1. exit Senawang toll
2. go straight ahead till you find a T junction (along the way you will see senawang hospital, giant, mcD, etc)
3. turn left (to Seremban)
4. go straight ahead till you find a traffic light
5. turn right to Taman Bukit Ampangan
6. go straight ahead. less than 5 mins you'll see Nasi Ayam Kak Lina on your left.

Anonymous said...

hmm, sodap

Man CIOCC said...

Dear Anonymous,
You're right, it's easier thru Senawang Toll.