Wednesday, March 25, 2009

220309 LEKAS Highway - Mantin - Bukit Puyuh - Lenggeng - Bukit Mandum (Mampuih!) - Kpg 6 kaki Beranang - Bangi Lamo

I know, I know, I need to rub more salt to the wound. I've been utterly busy like a oligolectic honey bee. Remember the community project I did in Kampung Kudei, Sarawak recently? My big guns are gonna have an audience with the CM tomorrow. Surf the blog page, Help When Needed here.

Since I'm a responsible worker ant, I gotta finish some darn posters (20 of them) & 6 coffee table booklets YESTERDAY! Please visit the latest press release from Eastern Times here .

Here's the cover.

CM of Sarawak & CIMB Bank Executive Director, Tunku Dato' Ahmad Burhanuddin looking at my posters.

While waiting Sharul, we absorbed some Gamma rays from the nuclear reactor to enhance our strength. Got some tips from Dr. David Banner the Incredible Hulk, Xpose the rays to certain parts of our anatomy = Incredible Dick!

We "Rode da wind" on LEKAS to Mantin. 15 km of runaway fit for a jumbo jet. At times hitting a hellish 40++kph lead by Acap ( I heard he has been secretly training with the WP team) It was a first for the rest of the gang, me & Acap scraped this road some months back with the Cycling Addicts. Story here.

After the 10 min breather at the Mantin toll booth, we took off to Bukit Puyoh. Since 7 of the guys never ever rode this route before, it's rightful enough that we stop for a photo op. The 2km of LTDL - Puyoh Hill is peanuts to us. Wait till we approach Bukit Mandum...

me, Sharul, Suhaimi Bezitagt2, Acap, Zharin, Anuar, Suhaimi PPZ, Wari, Sham Dewa

Wheelin down Bukit Puyoh was a breeze, fun negotiating the bends but you better watch out for the occasional gravel & watery sand. One small mistake you'll slip & fall like a "Nangka Busuk" (Smelly Jack fruit).

With d Seremban, KK Kayuh & Tasik Kesuma boys.

To our surprise, there were already 3 groups of cyclists by the bridge in Lenggeng. Seremban, KK Kayuh & Tasik Kesuma riders. We chatted as if we knew one another since feudal times. Suhaimi PPZ was the celebrity, practically almost all of them knew him. I thought Man CIOCC was most famous... 5 min later Md Noor - Red Chicken Comb (Balung Ayam Merah) appeared.

We coaxed Sharul & Sham Dewa to try out the Mandum Hill. Where Sharul raised up both hands to accept defeat, citing a knee injury (really?), Sham Dewa accepted the challenge. He made it one-third of the section. Way too steep for him. The trick is to control your pace, breath & rhythm.

I had it my way, took my time...I wasn't even out of breath. Try cycling up any hill with one hand & the other holding a camera.

About 8 - 9 riders whizzed passed me...go go go brudders...let's see...True enough, after the first incline, smack at the curve, a bunch of grapes lay squashed out of their juices littered by the side of the road. What a pitiful sight. As I passed them I could see signal red, vomit green & bloodless pale faces. 200 metres to go, more began to drop like flies.

Suhaimi PPZ, me, Acap, Md Nor Red Chicken Comb, Zharin, Anuar, Suhaimi Berzitagt2 ("Welcome to the gang") & Wari made it to the top. Acap, Suhaimi Berzitagt2 & Wari did another round! I know Tongkat Ali did the trick...

After the arduous climb up Kpg. Mandum Hill, we reversed back to Lenggeng for the famous nasi kukus & Ikan Semilang Darat (Ikan Keli) stall. To our horror Sham Dewa & Sharul Hulk had cleaned up the whole pot of rice! WTF! (World Taekwondo Federation).

Met Saiful, a local rider with his quadricycle. Guys, look at his training wheels. Such a friendly chap, makes me appreciate life lucky we are.

Da Route, sorry it doesn't exist in Google yet.

Adios ragazzi.


Anonymous said...

Is the nice long tour down under to N9. Meet nice cyclists too n many more 2 go... Thank you bro!!!!

Man CIOCC said...

We should team up for a ride to PD one fine day. Lagi ramai lagi meriah.
Nice to meet u guys!