Monday, August 10, 2009

090809 The Tortoise & CIOCC's Clan

Unikeb - LEKAS Highway - Mantin - Bkt. Puyuh - Lenggeng - Bkt. Mendum

But like the tortoise, it has some charm & ingenious way to fool it's rivals. A tortoise will pull in his head & hind feet the minute it smells danger. You can't compare a tortoise to a terrapin. Terrapin soup is deliciously mouth watering.

The 16km rollin' from Semenyih to Mantin's toll booth was like a granny goin' to the market. We were not dreadfully or dead slow but it wasn't our usual speed. Speeding or not, you'll still reach your destination isn't it? So? What's the big issue?

Snail's pace, the tortoise did win in the end. Aesop's tale here.

A quarter way up Fuiyohh Hill (Bukit Puyoh), Syarul Hulk chain snapped! WTF (World Taekwondo Federation) hell! This the 3rd. time in 2 months bro. While he's busy fiddling with the chain & finding ideas thru his brain of how to go about mending it, I could see JKR Azhar Semenyih shifting the red plastic road barrier.

Thank you brudder, you're a wonder. We might get hit by a mindless road bugger. 10 minutes, that's the only time we took to take care of the glitch. Up we go to the peak of this 2km hill.

To my horror, Bukit Puyoh got raped! Why? When? Wait for the next episode...

When we arrived at the regular haunt, Ashraf, Razif, Zil Husham & the rest of Kesuma Lake riders were waiting for us. Sorry guys, we had to stop for a tortoise & some chain reaction. We slapped playfull at one another (Gays!) & off we go towards the fabled Mendum "KILLER" Hill. (Surf the old post here). As usual, Syarul declined & cited his near fatal knee injury as the cause. In my teens, I thought my pimple burst was fatal. Kah, kah, kah, kiok, kiok, kiok, oink, oink, oink!

More of Mendum Madness German version here.

Cikgu Hisyam, Azhar blasted ahead leaving Suhaimi Goatee, Zharin, Wak Jali & me trailing behind. Suhaimi was rather skeptical of this murderous mount but me & Wak Jali coaxed him into the mess.

Wak Vampire, me, Wak Jali, Zharin, Suhaimi,
Lehrer Hisham, Azhar Semenyih & my raya ghost

Kudos Wak Jali, like a true Otai Pro you overcame this hellish gargantuan mole hill. People say he was the vampire on wheels of the Selangor state during his heydays.

I had decided earlier to test my strength by standing all the way up. Halfway up the point was quite acceptable but at the last corner of the incline was unbearable. Coged up to a lighter chain ring but it proved difficult to press the STI tab while standing. I had to fiddle between my index & ring finger but I finished the climb without panting of puffing vigorously. It proved that if you use your body weight + correct chain ring & control your breathing, you'll succeed regardless of speed. That's my achievement.

We were late like the Alice's white rabbit. With Sol blaring her rays mercilessly on our back, she scorched us & look what she did to me. I had morphed into a Panda or worse a
Tapir, commonly referred to as "cipan" or "tenuk."!

No point putting on sun screen,
I'm no sissy like others has been,
Sol took it's toll on my skin,
You don't have to be so mean,
Coz we riders are ever so keen,
Deep down inside we just wanna win.

Sol = Sun

"Slow and Steady Ends at the Back!"
"Fast and Furious Most the Stack!"

D' Route, sorry it doesn't exist in Google yet.


apai said...

abang syarul kuat sangat. tu yang rantai putus. kihkihkihkih. kot nak gayakan dengan nama syarul hulk pun, jangan la sampai putuskan rantai biskal bang...

khairi000007 said...

Wow... CIOCC full of adventure & exciting ride... Hope to cycling with u guys one day...

Man CIOCC said...

Apa habaq oghang tanjung. Lama tak pekena nasik kandaq Kampung Melayu. Petang pi jolok kat Mee Pata. Mlm skit pi Padang Brom bantai cheloq-cheloq...

2-3 haghi sbelom ghaya saya dah balik, bulih makan soq kat Nasik Dalcha! Ghaya Posa balik Penang, hang mai lah ghumah. Kita bulih chegita pasai bicycle sampai pagi.

Ni dia phone sya: 019-3851723

VersedAnggerik said...

Selamat menyambut Ramadhan al-Mubarak ye!

I drop by occasionally, but rarely comment!