Sunday, January 31, 2010

300110 MPKJ to Anvil Golf Club, Jalan Sg. Buah

"7:30 am sharp yah Azman", 7:45 am we're movin...said Shariman of MPKJ.
Well, oh, ah...ummm.
K9 barking & left the pod at 6:50 am with Arief, Amin & Zharin.
Some pep talk from Ybhg. Dato' Hasan Nawawi & we shot-off with the blaring siren sounds MPKJ's patrol bike. All the other motorized vehicles had to stop & let the conventional bike to pass. Dato' with Aswad & Khalib lead the pack of 50 odd cyclists & crossed the Kajang town to the awe of everyone.
Brought my eldest kid, Arief along as it's a controlled ride. Not much of a danger unless you don't follow the rules. This taller than his dad dude was ever cool.
Enjoy the ride boy, as this is not a race. How would it feel to have an entourage of wheelers zooming past towns & housing estates escorted? Fantastic is the word!
We then stopped by MOSTI-Nuklear Malaysia for a breather & continued towards Jalan Dengkil & made a left turn onto Jalan Sg. Buah. I like this road, the lush greenery & kampong atmosphere eludes a stress-free feeling as you enter this enclave. It's like a lost city where everything seems slow. So? We slowed down our rapid pace & sucked up the air.
There is a tiny climb & as you roll down the slope, Sg. Buah is a nested between or sort of behind Bukit Unggul Golf Club. Same entrance but take the extreme left after the junction. Very peaceful & there's also some Orang Asli villages dotted around it. A great place for a home stay.

Dato' leadin' da pack

Md. Nor, Zharin, Amin, Rizal, Arief, Mr Won & meow

MPKJ's clan & CIOCC's clan

Dato' & Da CIOCC's Clan


My son, Arief & Aswad

Bad Blue Boys
By the time we reached Anvil Golf Club, a light snack of sandwiches, kuih & drinks were served. Then comes the round of PPCC - "Poco-Poco Dangdut Dance". The crowd was in stitches as the group danced the mornin away. PPCC is jus not my thing. I would always land on the wrong foot.
Breakdance/Trance Disco-Aerobics gets me into the groove. That’s my thingy.

The loop in Anvil was not without its trills & spills. One - It's sure damn steep. Two - It's sure damn hot. Three - But the view from the top was not short of spectacular. It was awesome!

Md. Nor Balung Ayam not balun ayam

That was the challenge, getting right to the top of the TNB substation gate.

Shariman puffin' & we ain't laughin'

Some just sat under the tree & let the afternoon humid breeze slap their faces.

Kak, r u goin to the market?

One loop was enough for me as we need to ride back to Bandar Baru Bangi. The rest would later hop on a lorry home with an air-conditioned bus and all...Weh, mana aci...

After a well deserved lunch (I was actually too bloated after the snack), we took-off. Special thanks to En. Shariman from MPKJ for the hospitality, heart warming reception & invitation.

Cycling Route via Google maps

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