Tuesday, February 2, 2010

010210 LTDL Kayuhan KL - FT Day

I was really exicted about the ride. Eventhough it wasn't gonna be really a ride in a sense. Not the regular heart pumping type that I do every Sunday, I was still excited, regardless.
To get the feelin goin, I humbly thank Mr. Won & Iskandar for helpin me out to get the bike ready. Yah, I rode a BASIC bike, specifically a FIXIE. Where else can you ride fixed bike besides in a velodrome? Would the people in Cheras Velodrome allow me in? So, KL Ride would be the best place to roam around KL coolly & slowly (No brakes babe!) with special escort by the police.
Had planned with fellow fixers that we're goin for a "FIX" day. Wey, not the fix where you get high a kill yourself lah dol! We get high every time we ride especially on a fixie. See, a fixie is such a basic bike anyone can own. All you need is a decent frame & It wouldn't burn a hole in your pocket. Mine was an old 80's Colnago TT bike. Had another one still in the attic yet to be refurbished. A CIOCC Pista which shredded my knee at the Penang City Stadium. Nostalgia...

One day before, Mr. Won & Iskandar huffed & puffed to get the tubular/tubeless onto the wheel set. The dirtiest part was to apply glue to the rims & tyre. It can get real messy. For this, a double-double sided tape will do the trick, we're not racing ok?
How do we get the damn tension correct? Stuff a croc between the tyre & the seat tube! What an ingenious idea. Those days when there were no crocks & you had no help? I'd stuff a pair of Jap's slipper.

We left home right after subuh prayers, then your heart feels good. Rendezvoused with Wak Jali in Sg. Besi & caught up with Rizal & wife Azlina behind the Sultan Abdul Samad building. Yo ho, Rizal brought along his Tomassini fixie!
Rushed Amin to get the T-shirts but all he could managed was one piece. We were about to go for breakfast when the old skool shoe clip choose this perfect time to come-off! Damn & double damn. Limped to the warong & grabbed a quick bite. Amin & Mr. Won tagged along as we went round Jalan Masjid India looking for a cobbler. "Pagi-pagi buta, mana nak cari tukang kasut?" Lady luck was smiling on me.

"I always come early to work, the early bird catches the worm" said this cobbler. Get to work early & get cash on the spot!
8:30 am sharp we were released into the bustling KL town. Since it was a public holiday for FT, not much activity was recorded. There were some cars & buses all right.
The ride which started slow eventually became a race. Some idiots in front were harassing the lead car driver to floor the accelerator pedal. No wonder we were left behind. I'd rather be at the back than get boxed-up with front pack. Handed over the cam to Amin & asked him to take some shots there.
We looped the town area twice, 50 metres away from the main peloton.
It was supposed to be a fun ride but it became a tragedy coz the unthinkable happened. Someone in the middle of the main pack slid & hit the rest of the rides like dominoes.

Wak Jali & baby being attended by the medical personnel.

Then the waiting game started.

Baby had a big gash on his left eyebrow. We thought Wak Jali dislocated his shoulder but after two X-rays he seemed ok.

What disturbed me was it took a while before they were attended. A lot others were probably too busy enjoying the small parade & show. Baby's brow was spurting blood & Wak couldn't lift his right arm. We quickly bundled them into the ambulance & shuttled them to the hospital.

Ah, they should be fine but wait! It took us 6 hours to entertain 2 patients. One male X-ray department staff was very unfriendly & the other was seen surfing the net as we left. Just image, 4 hours to sew-up baby & Wak Jali had to endure 2 excruciating X-rays. Our health system has got a loooooooooooooooooooooooog way to go.

But the doctors & nurses were patient & extremely nice I must say...That nite it'self we took Wak Jali to Jalan Enam Kaki, Beranang to "Re-align" his shoulder. Another issue is when we registering at the hospital, we need to fill in our particulars in a separate form & resubmit it to the officer in-charge, in contrary to their corporate video that shows all you need is your new IC & thumbprint to be scanned & presto your particulars & all compiled in the database.

Ridiculous! We're living in the so called 21st. Century. Have all the up to date gadget & features but we don't even know how to use them? Sad...with such sophistication, smart card - ain't that smart...
Wak Jali & baby would like to thank Rizal, Azlina, Amin, Mr. Won, Azli & those who waited & waited & waited & waited waited & waited waited & waited with them at the hospital. Too bad Azlina, the doctor didn't have time to alter Baby's nose...

My verdict? AIDS awareness ride last year was even better organized.

ManCIOCC reporting for CIOCCS's CLAN.

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