Monday, February 15, 2010

140210 WWM - Wheelin Windy in Mendum

Welcome Haizaimi Bulat & Shahril Bokat to da Clan of CIOCC

Re looped the same loop again albeit a slight change. Why? becoz I don't wanna kill Bokat & Bulat, but they don't know what they're gettin into!! Ha ha! Lets see if they can survive Mendum Hill...

These guys are full of wit. The first half of the way they pedalled & pedalled & pedalled until we reached Beranang. Then they started asking me when we're gonna stop for a refuel. "Anther 4 km to go" I said as I watched Bulat giving me the funny stare.

Pity Bokat & Bulat. I know that thay were cursing behind my back for taking them to Mendum's hells gate. They made it half-way. Not bad for a newbie. Like a drunken master, Bulat whipped the hill from left to right only to be slapped back to the tar. Bokat trailed behind with Zharin, but he too succumbed to the strain. Zharin edged up the hill effortlessly like an old pro. Slow but steady...

The strong wind didn't deter us from tackling Mendum. Leaves & twigs were dropping from the branches & it feels like Autumn is coming, instead the sun rays burned thru the skin & melted not the snow but our cholesterol.

me, Arief my son, Baby, Zharin & my drone

Like pappy - like sunny, both wore the same polka dot suit & both swept Mendum away. Well, pappy had some help from his twin.

Baby & Arief were certainly KINGs of the Mountain that day. These 2 young boys triumph the hill. What can you expect from 13 year olds. The 2 "Otais" Zharin & ManCIOCC were not too bad either eh? We didn't walk, we rode up ok!!!

me, Bulat, Zharin, Cikgu Hisyam, Arief, Baby, Bokat & my clone

We left Lenggeng after the regular "Nasik Lemak Ikan Keli / Semilang Darat". Want to know more about Ikan Keli / Semilang Darat? Click here. I didn't dare take too much of rice & sambal or I'll be breathin fire. Worse you'll burp chillies!

The ride back from Bangi Lama Hill was easy but the searing heat left Arief sharing my water canteen. Lucky for him, his daddy's got half a bottle left. Poured some over his head & handed the remainder for him to gulp it down.

Unikeb - Lenggeng - Bukit Mendum

Google Route

Next time boys. I could see steam rising from both Bokat & Bulat. It was certainly an extremely hot day but most importantly, even though this was your first time riding the distance. Despite the odds, cramps & dehydration, both of you made it with flying colours!

Mendum? Let it be. It aint goin anywhere. She'll be waitin for YOU!

Chow from the pixman!

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