Monday, February 22, 2010

210110 Jalan Reko - Perez

This is my first time threading this route. I was sceptical as the distance is 92km to & fro from BBB with excessive hills by the Semenyih Dam, long stretch at the Kpg. Orang Asli & Perez. But you'll never know until you've tried.
In the wee hours of the mornin' while everyone is still in deep sleep, Wak Jali left his Baby into my arms. Wak Jali has yet to recover from his injury which he somersaulted during the recent
KL Ride.

Zharin arrived a few minutes later with John John from Canada. JJ haven't ridden for 2 years & the bike had to have the headset readjusted after being cooped up for years in the treasure chest & he lamented "I dunno how I'm gonna fare after a long absence on the saddle". He yapped happily to our amusement, but he's a very nice bloke. Not the kind you sometimes come across on your rides. They tend to be a snob. I wish Hans my Kraut friend was here too. Both of them are strong riders. They suit Amin very well.
What's truly amazing is that this two blokes, Amin & JJ does everything else so well. They're a perfectly tuned cadence machine, with a metronomic style that allows them to attain maximum torque up the hill. While keeping energy in reserve, they could burst up without hesitation. They're a league beyond.

Mr. Won & Azam joined us in Jalan Reko, Kajang & so, 7 blokes gathered & by 7:30am we spun towards Semenyih.

Easing oneself by the bushes

The road was practically void of any guzzler this mornin.

We came across a lot of cyclists. Being me, we had to stop & salam. I'm not the kind to just wave & say goodbye. Of all the 70 or so that we have met, I'd probably had rode with all of the before. Can't remember all their nick names but we share the same passion & camaraderie. So, we ain't no stranger friend. Today we had lotta pricey looking rides, but the beauty was, the owners today ain't no proud & "Lansi" at all. They were great riders!

The cool ol' riders from Way2Ride & many others.

Mohd Fadzil, long time no see.

The killer - 1st. 500m of Perez

Took my own bloody time to climb up. To say I wasn't fast is an understatement. Neither was I too slow. Rode with Baby & Mr. Won for about 2km & after Baby's chain came-off near a doggie, I had to Leave them To their Own Devices - Pet Shop Boys. Though the wind was merciless, I whirled up the slope without much thought.
The sight of the rotting log & small waterfall at the tip of my right eye singnalled that I'm so near, yet felt so far from the peak. Pedal on brudder - U aint much farther...
Came across Dr. K & Nizar who were like a flock of birds flying together (Not A Flock of Seagulls - I Ran - so far away) & noticed Jeff wobbling 100 metres before the peak. Whipped his butt, Aww!...& like a hapless toy boy he quickly scuttered up the mount for KOM points.

me, Azam, Zharin, John John, Jeff, Amin, Mr. Won, Baby & my twin

Amirul, daddy Amin, Jeff & Azam

Cikgu Hisyam was there too after starting with the Cycling Addicts from Bt14. They looped the hardcore Bald Hill/Bukit Botak.

CIOCC's Clan & The MAPLAY Club riders

Right after taking the much needed recharge in Tekala the lst 25km was fast. Azam, Baby & me took turns every 2-3 km & burned the road with a blistering 30 kph +++, only to leave behind the other guys. I mean we didn't mean to leave them but I just remembered that I need to sand my daughter to the "Plink-Plonk" piano class. The straight from Tekala to Semenyih was great but the pot holes made it difficult for us to be in total tandem. Nearly bust my wheels in one of those.

5km from Tekala it started to get pretty heaty,
We were not so pretty, as we're all very-very sweaty,
Oh what a pity...

Some how or rather, while tagging along Amin & John, Azam lost his way back. He ended up near Hole 3 at Kajang Hill Golf Club.Baby & I ended near an old shack by the train tracks. Amin had to re-track & after 4-5 calls, we managed to sniff him out. He'll be damned if he's unlucky. The reason we took the highway in the morning was becoz this Kajang Hill route packs a lot of wolfie's. I hate them chasing after my puffy butt.
In another story, Mr. Won went through the Kajang Market & got lost in the maze. Aiya...from the highway we got split & all ended up somewhere to nowhere. What a hilarious misfortune. I was laughing I could blow my tummy!!! Ha ha!
Pak Berahim initially invited us to ride from Bt18 (Sorry Pak Berahim), but I declined politely as I badly needed some good mileage & climbs.

What a ride it was. 92km of hills & gullies was good for the muscles & body. I know, the next time we ride to Bagan Lalang...WE WILL burn the road!

Jalan Reko - Semenyih - Tekala - Perez (Genting Peras)

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