Monday, July 12, 2010

110710 Unikeb - LBJ, Won, Bee & Me

Supposed to roll to Bagan Lalang which is by the sea
No one else was around accept Won & me
But the soup in Labu is nicer with labi-labi

I had a nasty encounter with a bee
Which stung my neck oh so you see

Siamese girl's peck my wife thot if was thee
Across seberang was it she?
No no no,

SMSed all the blokes for today's ride but there's no attendee
Non are any committee
So we're short of riders like a one legged amputee
I screamed hysterically
Louder then the lost longing banshee

But we rolled on by another, coz we're one big devotee!

Took this shot whil I had to pee.

Unikeb-Salak-LBJ-Kampong Jijan

What the *&#$! This is the 3rd time in my entire ridin life That I got stung. On the 160109 Cycle Friday was my 2nd encounter with the unfortunate bee coz bees die when it stings something or someone. What a pity. The 160109 wheelin to work story & pix here.

I remembered vividly of a similar incident I went thru 33 years ago. On my way to my aunty's house in Bukit Gelugor for tuition one unfortunate morning, I had a bee stung me right at the pinnacle of speed at a "Gon" (Penang lingo for a steep hill.) This puny bee sank it's barbed & it got lodged at my neck with it's sack full of venom still pumping! My aunt quickly applied vinegar, but the pain was too unbearable. I didn't go to school the next day I think.

Here's the exact location of the incident when I was 10 (at point B) in Jalan Lembah, Bukit Gelugor , Penang. Later in 1984, my Form 6 classmate who was ridin a scrambler, smashed his legs after kissing a lamp post at the same spot. He celebrated his birthday in GH!

The nostalgic sting route

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